What Goes Well With Idle Hands? Bangles!

So your hands are perfectly manicured. What else is there to add? Bangles.

Bangles are, in essence, bracelets. Compared to ones made with chain links, bangles hold its shape and are made to be worn layered with other bracelets.

Most designs are made so that they rest just above the wrist. Some, however, are made to stay put on the forearm. Bangles can be made of silver, gold, plastic, or wood- but despite the variety of materials, each goes well as part of a set.


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 Notice how a gold bangle serves as an accent piece when placed on the forearm? This is how it should look when placed as an accent piece on the forearm. Keep it simple by leaving the rest of the arm without embellishments.

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Another way to wear bangles is to wear one that matches the color of your ensemble. It may be in a different pattern such as checkered black and white over stripes, but it will definitely pull the look together.

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Wearing a number of bangles over another is another way to make the look work. Make sure that they have a unifying element, such as silver on the first picture and gold on the second. The same color family in terms of design or a similarity or continuity in pattern will also pull them together.

No matter what you’re wearing, bangles are one way to accessorize your outfit. So make sure to stock up on them so that you’ll never run out of options.

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