The Best Short Hairstyle For Your Face

Korean hairstyles are now very popular especially among young girls and women of today. Most women in Asia want these hairstyle generally inspired by Korean celebrities.

Traditionally, long straight black hair was considered the most beautiful style for every Korean woman. Men usually fall in love with women whose back looked so charming and gorgeous with her long black hair, however, over the years, new types of Korean hairstyles were introduced for the modern women. Gone are the days when TV commercials always showed women with long hair and introduced them as “women with long black curly hair”.

Women and girls are steering wild for shorter styles. Nevertheless, most girls are hesitant in cutting off a great amount of their luxurious locks. Undoubtedly there are numerous variations of “short” hairstyles which will not necessarily make you look like a boy. Considering a girl possesses the appropriate bone structure, a short-cropped hair will render it more stunning.

Here are some details to help you decide what the best short hairstyle is appropriate for your face.

Those who have a sleek, angular jaw desired to being shown off, a short bob cut is perfect for you. This will show away stunning angles of your face, the cut is shorter within the back with an extended slant toward the front. Not only will this emphasize your jaw and chin, it will also show away your lengthy neck for perfection.

For a round shaped face, a short cut with an inch above the collection of the jaw or a few lengthy layers is not so bad. All the same deemed as bob cut, it is a blunt variation of the popular design still classified as a short cut.

The type and texture of hair is to be considered when getting a short hairstyle. Straight hair is perfect for short cuts, wavy hair is fair for just about any short style, but be ready for some work out with a blow dryer or straightening iron. Girls with curly wild hair can try out short too however, it tends to frizz when cut too short.

Short variations do not necessarily mean flat and boring. Take advantage of the various root lifters to add volume and the added lift. Other suggested products are wax, pastes and mousse or any other products offering to provide a good hair texture. These will work to make your hair spike or to make ends flip more to your desire.

Here are more short hairstyles to choose from, enjoy !




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