Street Beat Menswear

If you want to dress your man, you’re sure to find different sources of inspiration from everywhere. So read on for potential dress codes. Who knows, you might like a thing or two.

Stripes give a nautical feel to any ensemble. This works even if you’re not on board a yacht, so pile up on nautical-inspired clothing. This includes khakis and topsiders.

Here’s a masculine take of the polka dots. This works best on dark colors such as black, brown, navy, and gray. Pair it with something heavy such as a leather jacket or a scarf.

You will never go wrong with plaid. Thank the nineties for that. Any color combination is fine. Roll up the sleeves for the grunge look.

Worn in pants can be spiced up using paint. The trick is to splatter it and make the effect unintentional. Pair it with a simple top such as sweaters and plain shirts to tone it down a little.

Here’s a testament to the ever-busy man. Newspapers are always an accessory. Read it, and you’ll have the best accessory know to man-intellect. Cool aviators and a wristwatch make the look casual but sophisticated.

Spice up a rather bland outfit by using a splash of color. Red socks catch the attention and draw the eyes away from the monochromatic jean combination of the jacket and shorts.

Here’s a quirky way of putting an ensemble together. A headband, sweater, striped socks, and boots. Color is key, and mix and match is as important.

Finally, here’s a pick for those with James Bond boyfriends. A tailor-made suit always makes a man look dapper. The right fit in all angles will make him look lean, tall, and worth a million bucks. Find a good tailor to make this work.

Men, like women, need to look good even for once in a while. It helps for all the ladies out there, doesn’t it?

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