The Little Black Dress

What is the best thing to have in your closet? Fashion authority would always tell you that it’s the little black dress that would complete every closet. Perhaps the most popular LBD came into fashion when Audrey Hepburn’s character Holly Golightly in the classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

How To Wear The The Little Black Dress

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If you look at her ensemble, it is genuinely effortless at looking chic, sophisticated, and elegant. Well, not all little black dresses give off the same aura, so to say. So here’s how to emulate that classic look that has transcended decades.


A classic black dress is simple and understated. Think of it as a blank canvass on which any color would pop. You may opt for frills such as asymmetric cuts, off-shoulders, and strapless numbers. Lengths may differ, from micro minis to tea length- it’s all up to you. The color is slimming enough and forgiving of curves, so choose one that covers up your flaws and accentuates your assets. There is, however, one style that you could go to for almost any occasion – the shift. The cut hugs your body in strategic places such as the waist, the tush, and the chest. It also provides ample coverage that’s suitable both for work and for play.


Little black dresses that are cut in shifts go well with pumps in dark and jewel tones. Stilettos are too thin and make you top heavy, so opt for full coverage of the foot. If you want a little exposure, go for peep-toes.


Bags can be all out bedazzling with sequins, stones, and glitter. Or they can be in silk of chiffon. Your choice. It’s best to go small, so opt for small purses or clutches. Little details such as ribbons, lace, rhinestones, and such are also welcome. Make sure, however, that it goes well with all your other accessories. Don’t let it clash with them!

Accessories and Jewelry

This is where you can indulge. Remember, little black dresses are blank canvasses so you can go and have a little fun with the accessories and jewelry. Keep in mind, though, that you ought to look like a woman on a night out, not a Christmas tree. If you’re going for chandelier earrings, let go of the necklace. If you’re going for a chunky necklace, pair it with studs. Bracelets or bangles, your choice. Wear it with a watch on the other hand, and it’s sophisticated.¬†Headbands, clips, and brooches add a little touch of personality as well, so if you have the room for these, go for it.

There are tons of looks that you can create using the trusty little black dress. And I’m pretty sure that while planning your look, you’ll have plenty more ideas of what to wear the next time you bring it out. So don’t just put it at the back of your closet and save it for formal dinners. Little black dresses are for all occasions, and you might just find that you’ll want to wear it every chance you get.

How To Wear The The Little Black Dress

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