Everyday in Ballet Flats

If there’s one thing that Audrey Hepburn is known for, it’s for being the most iconic fashionable woman. One thing she is particularly known for is for popularizing are ballet flats.

Ballet flats are a very versatile pair of shoes. For one thing, they’re comfortable enough to wear everyday to work, while doing errands, or simply going about town. They are an affordable addition to your shoe collection as well. In addition to being a staple in every woman’s closet, ballet flats have a good celebrity following  ranging from musicians to actresses and reality stars. Why does it have such a huge fan base?

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Ballet flats are typically made for walking.  The most important factor to consider when buying ballet flats is to check how it feels on your feet. The good ones fit snugly and follow the contour of your foot. They are also made with proper cushioning at the sole so that walking isn’t much of a chore for your dainty feet.

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When choosing a pair, there are many things you have to consider. Remember that choosing which shoes to wear is like choosing an outfit- it has to go with everything you already have. Here are some things you might want to keep in mind.


There are plenty of styles to choose from, but you might want to go for classic colors such as red, navy, black, and nude. They can be embellished or as plain as a canvas, but make sure that they are understated so that they go well with all the clothes in your closet.

Ballet flats are inspired from ballet shoes that dancers wear with their tutus. Thus, there is only one shape for the front- rounded. Pointy toes aren’t considered ballet flats; they are simply called flats. They are different from moccasins and oxfords. The former is made of suede and is usually brown while the latter is made of leather and has straps.

Ballet flats, in conclusion, have round toes that are either embellished or plain. They can be made of genuine or faux leather depending on the model.


Flats used to be categorized as casual wear. With the progress that is fashion, we now see them in the office, at weddings, and even in cocktail parties. Darker colors with bejeweled fronts or lace work best with formal wear. Light colors, pastels, and dainty ribbons and prints are great to wear during casual weekends.

How To Wear Them

This kind of shoe works well for ladies with small feet and slender ankles. The shape of the shoe emphasizes a dainty foot, so it is best worn with outfits that exude femininity.

They look their best with mini skirts, A-lines, and tea-length skirts and dresses. They also enhance the silhouette of a body-hugging dress or a pencil skirt. For jeans, you might want to go on the more slender side. They look especially adorable when worn with straight cuts and skinny jeans. If you’re on the short side, go to full lengths. Otherwise, if you have the height, capris paired with this kind of shoe is so vintage.

Go on, experiment with different colors, looks, and styles. You can never go wrong with these shoes.