Asian Women Hair Colors and Styles For Spring 2013

Winter transitioning into spring signal three things returning to colorful life–leaves, fashion and hair styles. If you are an ardent follower of this site (and we thank you), you would know we have covered our fair share of exciting Asian spring fashion. However, a fashion statement is not quite complete without the crowning glory, so let’s take a look at some fresh options for your new spring look. We leave the colorful decision to you.

Asian Women Hairstyles

Orange bob

The bob is always a favorite cut. It is a double edge style of chic and low maintenance. Give it a pop of color by wearing in a bright orange shade that best suits your skin color.

Asian Women Hairstyles

Hair for spring flows wine and wavy.

Wine is the new shade of brunette. Opt for this color dancing between red and brown for a unique hair color. Wear in flowing waves to complete the sophisticated look.

Asian Women Hairstyles

Hair that is prim and proper like a princess.

Go modest and feminine in sweet curly long hair that gently frames the face and neck for a modern princess vibe.

Asian Women Hairstyles

Sexy rebel princess look with long cascading messy curls.

Or you can go the polar direction and be the sexy rebel princess. For this unique look, crimp long hair in portions to give this messy, cascading curls that fall on your shoulders.

Asian Women Hairstyles

Fluffy hair that sways as if in a shampoo commercial.

Spring air is friendlier to fluffed up hair. Take advantage by letting your hair loose and volumized to for more body. Make sure to blow dry your hair upside down and apply volumizing spray at the roots for this look.

Asian Women Hairstyles

Long curls for volume and glamour.

Be the glamor girl of spring by riding the trend of long low curls. Concentrate your curling or flat iron on the lower section of your long locks to create big bouncy curls for a greater oomph of volume and sass.

Asian Women Hairstyles

Sweet, chic and stylish.

Not a fan of volume but also tired of your stick straight hair? Give it a new spin with this updated take of wavy hair. The looser spring curls is just enough to give your hair body, but not to the extent of big tight curls. Ask your stylist to snip off your bangs to frame your face.

Asian Women Hairstyles

The updated spring plait will show off your face without losing focus on your tresses.

If you have been there, done that with bangs, then try tying a pretty plait on your fringe. This style will show off your pretty face, while your curly tresses cascade prettily down your shoulders. Try this look in your shade of reddish-brown to suit the warmer spring weather.

Usher in thee new weather with any of these fun, flirty spring hairstyles and enjoy the colors of spring!