Korean Guys Trendy Hairstyles

Women of almost all ages are mesmerized with the looks of today’s popular Korean pop singers, movie and television stars. In view of this, young men try to pattern out their hairstyles hoping to get more attention from the ladies.

The popular trend now for Korean male is short bangs, medium at top, longer back and sides. This type of hairstyle mostly worn messy works great for those who have a casual edgy lifestyle. Most men choose a hairstyle that they think will go together with their overall style of living. The hairstyle should fit work or school requirements or whatever requirement one has for his personal life.

Those who want to appear rebellious or sporty looking wear their hair in a razor cut shag. The uneven cut shows a man to be very confident with a bit of defiance in authority. Korean actor’s hairstyles are best examples. Rain Lee and Lee Jun Ki are trendsetters in this category. Most of their hairstyle is long and messy but still has overall appeal.

Korean men style their hair in various manners, which works well with their thick and coarse hair texture. Asian hair is mostly thick, coarse, highly porous and straight, some even frizz during humid weather. Facial features should be taken into consideration.

Popular Asian male hairstyle often fall into the punk rocker category, but men nowadays tend to be more versatile when it comes to their hairstyles. They can be very simple but have some small spikes in every direction. In fact, they can be more creative than women when it comes to their locks.

In similar styles, young men have their hair trimmed thinner and layered. Ends are razor cut for texture giving it a look of unevenness. These styles can be achieved and controlled with gels to provide hold if one doesn’t want a perm cut.


*Images courtesy of www.lady8844.com