How To Create Your Own DIY Bob Hairstyle | Asian Hair

This is for all the gals who have shoulder length straight hair who love the short bob hairstyle look  but have yet to go for it. Well, you don’t have to go for the actual cut. Here’s an interesting and simple DIY method to create a unique asian bob hairstyle, it looks fantastic and allows you to have the best of both worlds, you can have wear it short anytime you feel like it. This works only on layered shoulder length straight hair, if you try it on non-layered hair or permed hair, it will look funny.



1. Pin up the top section of your hair with a hairclip.



2.  Twist the rest of your hair tightly.



3. Roll the twisted hair into a bun sideways and secure it with a black pin, make sure that the back of your hair is a bit loose. This will help to ‘push-up’ the bob later on.



4. You can add a flower pin or other nice hair pin accessory to the bun for a unique look.


5. Release the top part of your hair and back comb a little to create  the ‘fluffy look’


6. For the final touch, add some hair spray to make your hair sit and maintain the shape. And there you go…the DIY asian bob hairstyle!