How to blow dry your hair without getting damaged

Do you know that frequent blow drying of hair can be drying and damaging to hair over time? If you are like those who blow dry their hair after shower because they can’t stand wet hair or let their hair get out of shape, then you need to take protective measures to prevent your hair from getting damaged from over-heating. Morever asian hair is usually finer and more proned to damage, so here are some good tips to take note.

Tip #1:

– Make sure you apply a good heat protection hairspray or leave-in hair conditioner when hair is still damp before you dry your hair. 

Tip #2:

– Turn your dryer to low heat instead of high heat, as higher heat damages hair faster. Dry your hair to about 90% dry instead of completely dry.

Tip #3:

– When blowdrying your hair, make sure you do not heat on one spot for too long. Always make sure that you are drying in a downwards motion and holding the hairdryer by shaking down your wist instead of straight down.

Tip #4:

– Use good hair shampoos and conditioners to make up for the moisturize loss during hair drying. 

Tip #5:

– Use a good hair mask once a week.

Tip #6:

– Avoid blow drying your hair and letting it dry naturally 2-3 times a week.