Fake Collars

Following closely right after the bib necklace trend, we are seeing a spin-off from it -the fake collars. What are fake collars and how exactly do you wear them? Fake collars are like detachable collars with a button you can fasten at the back of your neck, while some come in the form of a necklace. Due to the fact that they sit high up on your neck, you should wear them with tops or dresses that have a high crew/round neck-lines (no V-necks!).

How To Wear Fake Collars

How To Wear Fake Collars

Fake collars are fashion accessories that will help add interesting details to your otherwise plain tops. They are great for giving your usual tops/dresses an instant makeover or giving the illusion of a completely new top. It can even turn them into more glamorous pieces, especially when paired with more fanciful pearl or rhinestones embellished fake collars. Plain color fake collars can help to create color blocking effect to your top. For example, if you are wearing a white top, pairing it with a plain black fake collar can create that chic monochrome look.

Here are some pretty fake collars that we recommend:

Chic Beads Chain Hand-made Black Fake Collar-US$5.41

Noble Style Elegant Crystal Gold Fake Collar Necklace – US$10.54

Faux Pearl Fake Collar Necklace – US$6.76

Sweet Bow Black Beaded Lace Fake Collar – US$5.41

Colorful Rhinestones and Faux Pearl White Fake Collar – US$9.19