How to do the Korean hair bun | Asian Hair

If you are into Korean drama and fashion, you might have come across Korean gals sporting a ‘messy’ kind of hair bun. Its unofficially dubbed the ‘Korean hair bun’ because the trend is started off from there. Here’s some tutorial videos on how to create the Korean asian hair bun:


Korean Hair Bun


How To Do The Korean High Hair Bun:



How To Do The Korean Loose Hair Bun:

How to use hair comb to create nice hair buns | Asian Hair

Ladies! Here’s a great demo video on how to create a nice asian hair bun using a hair comb. Hair combs are cheap and easy to use, just watch this video and you’ll see how easy it is to DIY! Asian hair tends to be fine and soft, so you probably have to apply some hair gel or hair spray to tame those flyaways and to set your hair in place. 

Half Bun


Full Bun

Asian men hair styling videos on how to use hair wax | Asian Hair

Guys! Here’s a great and easy to understand video clip by Gatsby on how to use hair wax to create uber cool and funky asian hairstyles. See how drastic the before and after difference can be! Gatsby is a very popular Japanese hair styling product brand with asian guys and they always creat good hair styling instructional videos like these, so be sure to check it out.