Need to Tame Frizzy Hair?

If you’ve got natural curls and waves, then chances are you often get frizz. Curly, coarse, wavy, and thick hair always scream for an extra dose of TLC. They do this (and you can tell they’re in dire need of attention) by becoming frizzy. In other cases, frizz is genetically determined. In places where heat is a force to deal with, it’s a by-product of humidity, pollution, and sun exposure.

In an attempt to tame the frizz some people tend to go to extremes such as altering the texture of the hair through rebonding or perming. This, ladies, isn’t going to be effective. Neither will ironing it flat and stick straight. The key is to get to the root of the problem.

Let’s take a look at how frizz happens:

You get frizzy hair because of the lack of moisture in your strands. Your hair the cuticles swell up in an attempt to  trap moisture in the environment, and this causes it to become unmanageable and frizzy. This happens when hair is dry, parched, and damaged mostly because of too much chemical exposure, frequent exposure to heat, and (sometimes) your heritage.

So what do you do about it?

First, you need to have an arsenal of moisturizing products. This means stocking up on intense moisturizing conditioners, masks, and hot oils. You’ll also need serum for that quick after-bath treatment.

Second, you’ll need a regimen. Do not shampoo everyday as it washes away your hair’s natural oils along with the dirt and grime that you want to do away with. Instead, wash it a couple of days apart. Use a sulfate-free shampoo. Use a moisture rich conditioner every time you shampoo your hair to replenish the moisture that’s lost in the process of washing. Deep conditioning and intense moisturizing ones are great investments. As much as possible, go for products that target dry, frizzy hair.

Your hair will also benefit from using hot oil at least twice a month. All it takes is 10 minutes, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find time for that. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, deep moisturizing masks done every week will help bring back life and luster to your crowning glory.

After rinsing your hair from conditioners, masks, and hot oils, you might have developed the habit of rubbing or wrapping it with a towel to get it dry. This you must avoid. Wet hair is at its most vulnerable state. Instead, use a paper towel, an old shirt, or a super absorbent microfiber towel to pat the hair dry and gently squeeze out the extra moisture.

Lastly, when styling your hair, try to avoid heat as much as possible. If you absolutely must use a flat iron invest in a ceramic one to minimize the damage. It uses infrared ionic heat to prevent damage. The same principle applies when you’re on the hunt for a blow-dryer. Ionic dryers use the same kind of heat and compresses the cuticles thereby locking off moisture that will make your hair go haywire. Before subjecting your locks to heat, always remember to apply a hairstyling protectant.

Love your hair the way it is. Your hair may be a handful when they’re dry and damaged, but once you infuse life to them, they’re such a pretty sight for all ladies.

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Top 5 Tips in Managing Curly Hair | Asian Hair And Beauty

Charming big hair curls and playful small hair curls are prevalent in the fashion industry, with the entire asian hair trend moving towards a “Fun with Curliness” hair culture. Curls in hair give a luxurious beautiful look but at the same time are difficult to maintain. Unruly curls leaves many  women stressed and frustrated causing them to give up on going for permed or curly hair. However, it isn’t as hard as one might imagine in keeping  permed or curly hair in line.

1. Washing oily hair more often

If your hair tends to be oily, your curls will lay limp on your scalp, making the originally airy texture look shapeless. To add volume and texture to your curls, the easiest way is to increase the number of times you wash your hair. In this way, oil secretion can be reduced allowing your asian hair to remain bouncy.

2. Handy DIY curls maintenance method

This is a curling method which will not damage your hair and is more suitable for dry hair. When your hair is 70% – 80% dry, divide your hair to about 1cm to 3cm width and then evenly roll your curls. Use hairpins to fix your hair in place and spray on styling products. Let down your hair after it has dried completely.

3. Hair care solution which contains almond oil

Hair care solution which has high nutrients content is most suitable for dry asian hair with spilt ends after a perm. Hair specialists recommends the use of hair care solution which contains almond oil as it will increase the strength of hair stands and allow it to be healthier. This is because essence of almond oil is more easily absorbed into damaged hair strands and repairs your hair from within, allowing your hair to undergo speedy recovery!

4. Hair dryer which does not damage curly hair

When using a hair dryer, it is vital to blow in the direction from the hair root to the ends of your hair. If not, your hair cuticles will be blown in the wrong direction, causing your hair strand to be damaged. In addition, your hair dryer should also follow the movement of your comb in order to produce glossy beautiful asian hair which will not go out of shape easily.

5. Effective styling products

In styling curly hair, most people would opt for hair gel. Hair gel causes hair to have a flat look and hence is more suitable for people with thick hair. When applying gel, rub it gently into your hair in an upward pattern as rubbing it downwards would cause your curls to be pulled straight, damaging your locks. It is advisable to apply gel when your hair is 70% to 80% dry. If your hair is thinner, mousse, wax and foam wax are recommended as these styling products have a lighter texture and will not alter the curliness of your hair. When choosing gel products, do opt for products which can be applied by hand. This application method is more even and can increase bounciness of your asian hair and its styling power.

3 Treatments for Healthy Hair | Asian Hair And Beauty

Here are 3 special concoctions for healthy asian hair.

Robert Hallowell brings us his exclusive Honey Whiskey recipe: 2 spoons of Vodka + 2 spoons honey + half a ripe avocado + one egg yolk

Using a spoon, mix all the ingredients well in a cup until it turns creamy. Wash your hair clean and then apply this concoction and leave it on for 30 minutes.  Wash it off with water followed by small amounts of shampoo and conditioner.

How it works: Vodka rids hair keratin build up, oil and chemical residuals. Honey and avocado nourishes your hair while egg yolk gives a smooth finish to your asian hair from the roots to the ends.

Orlando Pita’s exquisite sea salt breeze formula: a handful of sea salt + water + your favourite hair styling product + spray bottle

Mix the salt and water inside the spray bottle and then add in your choice of asian hair styling product. Spray onto dried hair and blow it dry with a hair dryer whilst using your hand to flip through your hair to give it a loose tousled beach look.

How it works: Salt water spray gives your hair a unique texture but causes your hair to be dry. Hence, it is important to add in hair care products and to perform daily hair treatments.

Danilo recommends foamy mixture for frizzy curly hair: a cup of natural non-flavoured yoghurt + 3 spoons of olive oil or wheat germ oil + a sprig of rosemary + a sprig of mint or half a spoon of mint oil

Blend all the ingredients using a blender until it becomes foamy. Apply it evenly on towel dried hair after wash. Wrap a warm wet towel over your hair and wait for 20 minutes. If your hair is frizzy, rinse it all off with water. If your asian hair is in normal condition, use warm water to rinse off instead.

How it works: If “Refrigerator Treatment” isn’t your style, you might want to try Pantene’s Time Renewal tonic to help your dull hair with split ends. This tonic nourishes your hair from the roots to ends to give a luscious look.  You can also use Rene Furterer’s Shine Moisturising Leave-in Spray as an initial styling step. It will give your hair shine and strength to counter damage done after you had your asian hair dyed.?

How to Protect Your Hair in the Cold Winter | Asian Hair And Beauty

The chilling wind during winter makes it exceptionally easy for your asian hair to be tangled. With problems like dryness and lack of moisture, there is a worsening of hair condition. So how does one go about maintaining smooth and shinny hair in this extreme weather? Here are some tips in protecting your hair.

Drastic fall of temperature in Winter is accompanied by decrease in humidity. The declining moisture in the air results in drying up of hair strands, causing your hair to become dry and brittle. This is especially so for thin hair strands which will get tangled easily and difficult to comb. Breakage of hair will also occur during combing and styling of hair.

Fine sand and dust can easily “attack” your hair in the midst of the cold winter winds. When combing, styling and tidying of asian hair, friction caused by bristles in the comb can cause your hair cuticles to be damaged, giving rise to frizzy hair.

After identifying the cause of frizzy hair, how does one prevent or solve hair problems? Below are some tips which may help you.

1. The most basic and most important tip is cleanliness. One should cultivate the habit of washing hair as good quality hair cleaning products not only get rids of dirt and oil but also maintains ample nutrients and moisture in hair. This will in turn allow for your hair to be healthy and strong.

2. Hair tonic and hair moisturizer is essential after washing of asian hair. The ingredients in hair moisturizer will allow for the surface molecules of hair to be arranged such that electrical charges between hair fibers are reduced. With the decrease in charges, an anti-static protective film is formed, allowing your hair to be moisturized, silky smooth and soft.

3. It is advisable to perform deep layer hair treatment for your hair at least once a week, using intensive hair treatment products. You can perform such professional treatment in the comfort of your own home. After washing your hair, your hair cuticles are opened and can easily absorb nutrients. Use a hair dryer at low temperature 20 minutes after wash. Be sure to keep your hair dryer at a distance from your hair.

4. Using combs made from natural materials like wood, cow’s horn or mane, can help to lessen the damage caused by static electricity.

5. More than 90% of hair is made up from protein, iodine and vitamin B1. These nutrients allow for your asian hair to maintain its natural colour and shine. Therefore, food, like fruits, bean sprout and fish liver oil, which contains necessary nutrients, are some of the food which are otherwise known as “food for hair”.

6. Regular consumption of green vegetables, beans and seaweed can promote healthy hair growth. Green vegetables aid melanin production, hence giving your hair a rich black colour. Seaweed-like food has high calcium, potassium, and iodine content which can help to delay graying of hair. In addition, too much salt or sugar intake can cause androgenic hair loss and make your limp and brown. Hence, if you want strong healthy asian hair, it is important to decrease your consumption of sweet food and pickles.

Lin Chi Ling and Barbie Hsu’s Hair Secrets | Asian Hair And Beauty

The 2 beautiful Taiwanese celebrities Barbie Hsu and Lin Chi Ling are not only famous for their good complexions, but also for their silky shiny hair. Here, they are going to disclose their closely guarded secrets to having gorgeous asian hair like theirs.

Lin Chi Ling believes that beauty radiates from the head (and hair..)

Lin Chi Ling Asian Hair Style
Lin Chi Ling Asian Hair Style

Lin Chi Ling believes it is crucial to pamper your hair as much as your skin and it needs equal protection against the sun too. She had observed that most people tend to only remember their beauty regimes for skincare when they are outdoors during summer. Yet, they have neglected to ensure equal protection for their hair against the harmful sun rays, UV light and the adverse effects of sea water. Hence, she would always don a stylish hat every time she’s outdoors, and also apply moisturizer to her hair. In short, you have to adore your hair as much as your skin.

Be persistent in having a regular hair care regime

Lin Chi Ling Asian Hair Style
Lin Chi Ling Asian Hair Style

Lin Chi Ling has to dye her long hair or change her hairstyle frequently due to work, both of which are extremely harmful to the hair follicles.

She added: “I no longer dye my hair to a shade that is too light in contrast to my original hair colour. Because by doing so, the black pigment in my hair is bleached, and after the hairstyling my hair becomes lifeless; I would need to do proper hair care everyday for a week to restore some of the moisture lost from my hair. Therefore, I would advise ladies with long asian hair to dye to a shade that is within 6 to 7 degrees of your original hair pigment for a more natural and radiant hair colour.”

She also mentioned that she would adhere to a rigorous hair care regime regardless of how late or how weary she is.

Give your hair a deep cleansing

Lin Chi Ling Asian Hair Style
Lin Chi Ling Asian Hair Style

Lin Chi Ling shared: “A lot of people think that washing their hair every day will do damage to their hair, but I beg to differ. If I do not wash my hair for one day, I would feel extremely ill at ease. The first thing that I would do when I wake up is to drink a cup of plain water before washing my hair. I also use deep cleansing hair products to ‘spring clean’ my hair on a weekly basis too. Well, some question the necessity of deep cleaning the hair if one washes his/her hair religiously every day. Actually, many do not know that Fluorescer is present in the daily hair wash that we use. Although Fluorescer helps to keep our hair smooth and manageable, it will also form a residual layer on the surface of our hair. Over time, this causes damage to our hair follicles, hence the need for an all natural deep hair cleansing regime weekly to eradicate these toxic particles. Our asian hair can only absorb nutrients better when the follicles are able to breathe freely.”

Barbie Hsu’s secrets to her luscious hair: Keep your hair from things that they should avoid

Barbie Hsu Asian Hair Style
Barbie Hsu Asian Hair Style

Barbie revealed that she has high expectations for her hair and would keep her hair away from things that it should avoid. For instance, flicking her hair to the front before sitting down on a seat to ensure that it will not be mercilessly sandwiched between the seat and the back of her shoulders!

No ponytail—it is the root to severe hair loss on the hairline and front part of hair

Barbie Hsu Asian Hair Style
Barbie Hsu Asian Hair Style

Barbie do not really wear a ponytail even at home, as she believes it can cause hair loss on the front portion of hair. Wearing a hair band is another big no-no.

Distribute the weight of hair in a balance manner by letting it hang down on both sides equally

Barbie Hsu Asian Hair Style
Barbie Hsu Asian Hair Style

Whenever Barbie is at home, she will definitely let her hair down on both sides of her chest, making sure to separate them equally. By doing so, the weight of her asian hair is balanced and this will minimize the risk of hair loss from unequal weight distribution.

How To Grow Hair Faster | Asian Hair And Beauty

Many people are interested to know how to grow asian hair faster, especially if there’s an upcoming wedding, important function or first date to attend. They wished that there is a secret formula for their hair to go from short to long in the shortest time possible, so that they could turn up for the event with their beautiful hair on that day.

The truth is this.  Although some people’s hair can grow relatively fast, the average annual hair growth for most people is at most 14cm.  There is no way to make the hair grow beyond this length in a few months. If you would like to change your hairstyle from a short bob to a long ponytail, the only way is to attach asian hair extensions or to wear a wig.

On average, everyone has about 100,000 strands of hair. The average hair growth per month is approximately 1.125 cm. It is estimated to take 2 years for one to grow from a bald head to shoulder-length hair, taking considerations of long-term environmental damage, and constant exposure to combing, blowing, styling, perming and dyeing. Imagine how the condition of a silk fiber will be like if we keep doing these same actions to it for 2 years. As such, your hair will still ‘wear and tear’ to certain extend even with the best asian hair treatment. Nevertheless, it is possible to grow hair faster, albeit in a natural way and here are some tips for you.

How To Speed Up Hair Growth
The right vitamins and minerals play an important role for hair growth.  Lack of nutrients will result in thinning and delicate hair, and even baldness. Inactive thyroid activity can cause split ends and weak hair. In contrast, active thyroid activity will produce shiny supple hair. In general, your hair reflects the condition of your health.  If you are healthy and have abundant nutrition, you hair will show its shine and lustre. Consuming adequate amino acids or vitamin B can stimulate the hair growth.  Others such as vitamin B6, vitamin H, inositol, or folic acid also help to build healthy hair. Some minerals such as magnesium, sulfur, silica, and zinc are also beneficial for the maintenance of healthy hair. Beta carotene is also vital for healthy hair growth. This is because it converts into Vitamin A whenever the body requires and aids in bone development, healthy skin, healthy asian hair and nails. Beta carotene can be absorbed from the intake of green or yellow vegetables and fruits.

Importance Of Protein
Hair is made up of protein, so a protein deficiency due to excessive weight loss can result in weak and fragile hair or slower hair growth. If you consume a diet rich in protein, it will help speed up hair growth. Some nutrition experts recommend a daily nutritional intake to include yeast, wheat germ, lecithin, etc. to enhance hair growth, hair strength and beauty.  Other sources of protein intake includes consumption of fish, eggs, beans and yoghurt. Soy protein has been researched to be beneficial for hair growth. One study has found that soy protein not only helps to strengthen the hair, but also aids in its growth. Tofu is a good choice for soy protein.

Factors That Slow Down Hair Growth
Excessive stress and certain drugs can prevent or slow down hair growth, as some medicine has side effects like hair loss. If you are on medication, it is also best to consult a doctor whether it is safe to consume any new vitamins, minerals or herbal remedies at the same time, as you don’t want any adverse reactions that lead to hair loss. If you are living with stress, then it is helpful to learn to release it. You may try meditation or other relaxation methods to reduce stress. When you are stressed out, so will your hair be. Hence, your hair will grow better and faster without stress. Another tip towards healthy asian hair growth is sufficient rest and sleep. Research has found that having an adequate amount of sleep (recommended 7-9 hours) is necessary for hair growth.

Hair growth supplements
With a proper diet, exercise, reduction of stress, rest and plenty of sleep, you will help your hair to grow faster. Consuming hair supplements, vitamins and minerals will also help to grow hair faster. Most people will know that having an adequate intake of vitamins or minerals is beneficial for healthy hair and hair growth. As it is difficult for most people to take proper amount of vitamins and minerals from the food they eat, taking vitamin supplements  daily is a good way to ensure your hair and body will get the sufficient vitamins it need.

List of supplements
Consuming the following supplements in your diet can help grow hair to grow faster, increase its flexibility, strength and resistance, and help restore its shine. (As a reminder, please consult your doctor prior to taking any vitamin supplements.)
– Multi-vitamin B-50mg, containing vitamin B group (folic acid, vitamin H, inositol)
– Vitamin B-6 – 50mg.
– Vitamin C plus bioflavonoids  (1-2 grams per day)
– Vitamin E
– Carotene
– Nettle
– Linseed oil

Here are some general tips for hair growth from asian hair loss experts:

1. Quit or reduce smoking, caffeine, carbonated drinks as these will affect your health and slow down hair growth or even lead to hair loss.
2. Losing weight through a healthy and low fat diet and avoiding high sugar or fatty food.
3. Avoid unnecessary combing or styling and try to refrain from hair dye (probably 2 hair dyes a year if you must have).
4. Try to cut down washing hair with hot water, using hot hair dryer or any other electrical devices with heat.
5. Do a weekly scalp massage to stimulate hair growth.
6. Use hot oil hair treatment or hair mask every week to protect and nourish hair.
7. Trim off hair ends regularly to maintain healthy and faster hair growth.
8. Getting adequate rest and sleep also aids in healthy asian hair growth.

How To Straighten Your Hair | Asian Hair

The popularity of hair straightening has caused an increase in the sales of asian hair straightening products. So what are the methods we can take to achieve straight hair? What are the hair straightening products available in the market and how much do they cost? What will make our hair turn into beautiful, shiny and shimmering straight hair?

There are three factors to consider when determining what asian hair straightening method will be suitable for your hair. First of all, is the condition of your hair. Wavy hair will be easier and less expensive to straighten than curly hair.  The next thing to consider is how long you want the hair straightening effect to last. Some hair straightening treatment last for more than 6 months and some less than 3 months. The final factor to consider is maintenance of your hair. Some hair straightening treatment require maintenance like blow drying straight  every day, while others require little to no work.

The most expensive and also most lasting method is to go for hair straightening at a hair salon. Hair stylists use professional hair straightening chemicals that can almost permanently straighten your hair that can normally last for 6 months or more. Rather than using a do-it-yourself kit, it pays to find professional help to do it. They can evaluate how strong the hair straightening chemical need to be used based on your asian hair condition and yet will not damage your hair. This method usually requires minimal maintenance, but it be difficult to experiment with different hair styles. Another thing to take note is that the better the condition of your hair or the healthier your hair is, the better the hair straightening chemicals can be absorbed into your hair and thus make the hair straightening effect last longer.

The most popular tool to achieve straight asian hair is using a hair straightening iron. There are many straightening flat hair irons of different prices and types. It is recommended to use a ceramic flat hair iron as they have better temperature control and is smoother to use than a metal iron. The downfall of using a flat hair iron is that the hair straightening effect is temporary and only last until the next washing of your hair. Be sure to avoid chemical treatments on your hair when using a flat hair iron to avoid hair damage and get regular trims to eliminate split ends.

How to be Healthy and Beautiful using Health and Beauty Tips | Asian Hair

When it comes to health and beauty tips, you may think of vitamins, cosmetics, natural skincare, organic foods or a variety of other health practices. Things like dietary routine, exercise regimen and care for your mental and physical health are vital to your overall body well being. It cannot be denied that physical appearance is a critical part of how you act and feel about yourself. Of course over time it can even impact your health. If you wish to remain as healthy and as beautiful as possible you need to understand all your options.

Health and beauty are both sciences that play a major role. Here is a brief introduction to some major players:

Health and Beauty Protection
Heath and beauty conservation includes anything that helps your body resist problems. This may include taking a daily vitamin each day to keep your body in healthy shape. It also can involve the use of cosmetics and natural skincare to protect from environmental weathering. It might also incorporate agents to protect you from free radicals which may cause skin cancer. Health and beauty defense has a lot to do with your emotional well being as well. Keep your stress down by watching an organic foods diet and plenty of meditation.

Natural skincare factors
Natural skincare products and their popularity have increased in recent years. This is because people started to realize that a lot of the cosmetics that they were using could actually damage their skin. They learned that the best way to maintain a healthy body was to work with it using natural skincare and cosmetics. On a regular basis you will find these items include organic foods. They contain vitamins that benefit your health topically and inside. In order to get the best results, you need to understand the science behind natural skincare.

The elements of anti-aging
Anti-aging is a category that includes a variety of different health and beauty practices. Your anti-aging goals will include having your body act more youthful. This often indicates that you will need to use cosmetics and natural skincare to keep skin healthy. It can mean using vitamins and special nutritional agents to make your body act younger. In the end this will lead to fewer pains! This often also leads to improved memory and stamina. Anti-aging routines that are comprehensive involve special organic foods diets as well.

Your health, beauty and even hair depend on your perseverance. Your physical appearance and body will deteriorate without your attention. Knowing how and why your body works with certain health and beauty products will yield the best results. Natural skincare, vitamins, cosmetics and organic foods will help create the perfect wellbeing blend.

Tips For Maintaining Beautiful Asian Hair

There are a few things you can do on a regular basis that will improve the overall health and appearance of your asian hair, and also avoid hair damage. In general, here’s a few tips on hair maintenance:

1. Brush your hair

Brushing your hair helps to stimulate blood supply to the scalp and remove dead skin cells from the scalp from building up to prevent infection. It also helps to distribute natural hair sebum oil over the hair shaft for moisturizing and protection. When brushing your hair, use a natural bristle brush or other gentle brushes. Do not rush through the brushing and pull at tangled hair. It is better to go slow than go fast and risk breaking or pulling out your hair. Get into the habit of brushing your hair and detangle it before washing your hair.

2. Massage your scalp

Before brushing your asian hair, make it a point to do a quick scalp massage first. Massaging your hair scalp helps in blood circulation to your scalp and will also help your hair to grow faster and more healthily. Place your finger tips on your scalp and massage in small circular motions. Using your finger tips will keep your hair from breakage, while scratching your scalp with your fingernails might cause infection.

3. Give Your Hair A Break

Get into the habit of giving your hair a break once a week. It is not necessary to wash your hair every day (unless you tend to work up a sweat every day in your job, activities etc). If you are over the age of 20, and do not have any rashes or infections (like dandruff), do give your hair a break for a whole day by not washing it. Pick a day where you normally do not go out, or just do housework and run errands. Do not wash with shampoo and do not blow dry your hair. If you are not used to it, simply wet your hair and apply a little conditioner on hair ends and rinse well thereafter. Washing your hair too much will remove your natural hair sebum, which is good natural hair oil moisturizer for your hair. Give your hair a break from shampooing once a week, and whenever possible, from blow-drying and heat styling.

4. Conditioning Treatment

Unless you have dry hair, get into the habit of applying a deep conditioning treatment to your asian hair only once a week. Deep conditioners are not the same as daily conditioners and they are much more intense than daily hair conditioners. Coconut oil is especially good for hair conditioning. Brush your hair, wash and then towel it dry. Apply your deep conditioner and then wrap your head in a heated towel to open the hair cuticles and allow the conditioner to soak in. Leave for about 10-30 minutes then rinse thoroughly in warm water to remove the conditioner residue, follow by rinsing with cold water to close the hair cuticles. Rinsing your hair in cold water can be a little uncomfortable, but it help closes the hair cuticles close to the hair shaft, which help increase shine and also help to keep hair strong. Adding some lemon juice to the cold water can further improve your hair’s shine and strength (a half of a teaspoon of lemon juice in two quarts of cool water is sufficient).

5. Daily Conditioner

Apply a daily conditioner to your hair ends every time you shampoo. This will reduce split ends, hair discoloration and reduces damage caused by heat styling and reduce the need for frequent hair trims. Do not apply hair conditioner to your hair roots, as this is the part rich with natural hair sebum and applying hair conditioner on top of hair sebum will cause your hair to be greasy and drop easily.

6. Haircuts

Get into the habit of getting your hair trimmed regularly. This reduces split ends and keeps excess weight off your hair (which can cause breakage). Go for a hair cut about once every 8 weeks if you ahve shoulder length or longer hair and once every 6 weeks if you have shorter hair styles.

7. Up-Dos

If you have long hair and want to keep it that way, try to pin up your asian hair up when possible. One of the reasons that women grew such long beautiful hair back in the “olden days” is because they wore it up all the time. The weight of your hair can cause damage to your hair. When hair is long, it weighs down, stops growing and falls out, or simply breaks off. Putting your hair up frequently will keep that weight or stress off the root of the hair. You can pin it up gently with bobby pins or a hair clip when running errands, doing housework, cooking dinner, doing yard work, or working on your computer, watching TV, etc. Now, this depends on your hair style and hair length. If you have a short hairstyle, this step is unnecessary. However, if you have shoulder length or longer hair, and want it to look thick, shiny and healthy, make it a point to bun it up and keep the weight off your hair roots.

8. How to Wash Your Hair

There is a right and wrong way to wash your hair. Treat it like the finest silk! If you’ve ever made the mistake of running a pair of expensive silk clothing in your washing machine, you’ll know what I mean. Here a few tips to avoid causing any excess damage to your hair while washing it:

1. Let your hair hang naturally when you wash it; either standing in the shower or with your head leaning over the bath, or in a sink. Do not squeeze shampoo directly on your head to wash and don’t keep your hair straight when washing your hair as this will cause hair to tangle easily and cause breakage.

2. Wet your hair with warm water (not hot water) to prepare it for a shampoo. Lower the pressure on the showerhead so that it is gentle enough to avoid excess water pressure on your hair.

3. Pour shampoo into the palm of your hand and lather it, do not squeeze shampoo directly onto your hair or scalp.

4. Work the shampoo into a lather in your hand, and apply to your scalp. Work the shampoo into your scalp all over your head by massaging with your fingertips (not your fingernails). Do NOT drag  your fingers through your hair. Remember, hair is the most vulnerable to damage and breakage when it is wet. If your hair is particularly dirty or oily, you can work the shampoo through to the ends. If your hair is very dry or damaged, you may just want to wash your scalp, and let the residue shampoo rinse out any dirt on hair ends as you rinse your scalp.

5. Rinse hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. Ensure that you allow it to hang reversely. You may comb through it gently with your fingertips if it’s long and needs extra help rising out the shampoo.

6. If you chose to use a conditioner, only apply conditioner to the ends of your hair, and then onto the rest of your hair with any remaining hair conditioner, follow by a rinse.

7. Towel dry gently. Once hair is towel-dried you can apply a leave-in conditioner while hair is still wet.

8. ALWAYS comb wet hair with a wide-tooth comb and never brush wet hair.

9. NEVER sleep with wet hair, as it is vulnerable when wet and can break easily as you turn and toss about on your pillow. Even if it doesn’t break, your hair cuticles will become rough and will make hair look dull. Therefore, always dry your hair naturally or with a hair dryer whenever possible.

Should You Go For Hair Color Or Hair Highlights? | Asian Hair

Many people like to enhance their asian hair styles with hair coloring but don’t know which hair color will be best for them. With so many hair salons and hair coloring products in the market, it can get very confusing when it comes to deciding which hair color option to go for.

Two popular asian hair coloring services are overall hair color/hair dye and hair highlights. Both can be great way for brightening up your hair and adding an interesting look to your hair styles. How do you decide between an overall hair color, a hair highlighting job or both? How do you know what’s right for your hair and individual style? Here are a few pointers to take note:

Choose overall color if:

– You have a weird hair texture (like frizzy hair) and adding hair color will help divert attention away from your hair problems.
– Your hair is extremely short and adding hair color will make it stand out more.
– You have more than 30% gray hair and adding hair color will make you look younger by at least 3 years or more.
– You have natural black asian hair and dark skin and dark eyebrows. A fresh hair color like light brown or red will prevent you from looking too dull.
– You look better in warm, vibrant colors such as red or warm brown.
– Your cut is already trendy enough and you don’t want to overdo it, so adding a new hair color is a better option than adding contrasting hair highlights.

Choose hair highlights if:

– Your hairstyle is plain with no layers or no other interesting cuts. Hair highlights will help to make your hair stand out more.
– If you have dirty blonde or light brown hair, adding darker hair highlights will make you look more interesting and less dull.
– If you have a little bit of gray hair and you just want to blend it in, then adding some hair highlights will help make your gray hair look less obvious.
– If you can’t commit to getting your roots touched up regularly, adding hair highlights are a great way to divert attention away from newly grown hair roots and its natural hair color.
– If you look great in cool colors such as blues and greens, go for blue or green  hair highlights instead of overall hair color, as doing an overall color of blue and green on your asian hair will make you look like a freak.
– If your hair style needs a little interesting touches to your fringe, going for a few chunky hair highlights on the fringe  will do the trick.
– If you are uncomfortable of a big change or you are scared that you might not be able to take the new hair color, going for a hair highlighting job will lessen the risk and let you visualize how you will look like if you go for a overall hair coloring job with your preferred hair dye color.

Do both if:

– You have a lot of gray hair but still like the interesting effects that only highlighting your hair can achieve. A overall hair color acts as a consistent asian hair base color while hair highlights will help to jazz up your hair style.
– You want to add some red or warm color tones and have an existing hair color that is uneven or residue hair highlights on the fringe that was done in the past.
– You want to change to another hair base color before you get new hair highlights.

There are many factors to consider before you decide to go for a overall hair coloring or hair highlighting job. If you have  a preferred asian hair color, you can talk to your hair stylist about it and do not hesitate to ask for advice if you have no idea what you want or what color suits your best .