Dressing Up The Sheer Trend

The sheer trend keeps popping up over and over on runway, implying that this trend will be around for quite a while. The sheer trend often gets unending praise when it appears on the runway but in real life the trend can create a bold fashion statement or be quite unforgiving. The trick is to learn how to dress up the trend to create a sheer perfect look.

Less is more

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The maxim less is more has never been more literal as it is when it comes to dressing up sheer outfits. What this means is that you should show off the sheer trend in minimal doses to avoid looking drab instead of looking fabulous. Throw a jacket over a sheer blouse or go for a printed sheer skirt. You will be showing less, but staying true to the sheer trend. Another option would be to go for outfits which show off a little skin through sheer fabric. This could be dresses or tops with sheer sleeves or outfits with sheer accents.

Stick to one sheer piece

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Pulling off a top to down sheer look is often difficult and could end up disastrously. Your best bet is to pair sheer outfits with opaque fabrics. Choose a sheer skirt and pair it with an opaque top or a sheer blouse with opaque pants.

Go for dark hued and embellished sheer fabrics

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It is easier to pull off the sheer trend by picking dark hued sheer fabrics. This does not necessarily mean settling for black sheer, but there are dark hued and embellished sheer outfits which bring out the best of the trend.

If you are not confident about the sheer trend but adore it, the best way to incorporate it into your style would be to add a few sheer accessories to your wardrobe. This could be sheer scarves, bags with sheer accents or sheer leggings. The sheer trend works best during the summer/spring season, but there are a few pieces which could work during the winter season.

Top 3 Svelte Looks This Year

Amidst the rush to stock up your closet with the hottest trends this year, one of your priorities should be adding a couple of svelte looks to your wardrobe. It doesn’t matter what frame or body shape you come in; every woman needs a few svelte fitting outfits in her closet. Let’s face it, every woman’s worst nightmare is realizing that the pounds have piled on and all the outfits in our closet don’t quite fit as they used to. This would send a number of women into frenzy, trying to shed off the extra weight. There are however a few tried and tested svelte looks which you can add to your wardrobe, to give a svelte illusion.

Skinny Jeans and Jeggings

Skinny Jeans and Jeggings are not about to be phased out any time soon. The timeless trends offer a svelte look which is flattering for most body shapes and frames. The trick is to go for a dark pair of jeggings or skinny jeans which can easily pair with different outfits, from your basic tank to dressy shirts. Always get a pair which fits right and falls down to the ankles. Avoid pairs which are too long, because the bunched look is often unflattering and adds instead of subtracting the pounds.

The Empire dress trend

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The empire trend goes back to the 1800s, and as fashion reinvents itself the trend was revived recently and it has joined the threshold of this year’s fashion must-have. The empire dress trend features a raised waistline, often placed a few inches above the natural waistline or slightly below the bust. The raised waistline gives helps to camouflage heavy bottoms and hide thick waists. Maxi dresses with the empire waistline are ideal for the petite frame to give an illusion of length.

The Layered look

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The layered look is another trend which will be around for quite a while. Layering has the effect of trimming your figure and giving you a svelte look. It is however important to avoid piling on the clothes; follow the thumb rules of layering for a chic and slimming look. Start with a long chic top which to cover your midriff all the way to the thighs and throw on a cropped jacket which falls around the waistline. Pair the top and jacket with slouch pants or jeggings for an elongated svelte look. Go for wedges or a pair of heels to complete the look.

One of the other tricks that you can use to achieve a svelte look include going for outfits in monochrome colors. Monochrome hues effortlessly lengthen your body and streamline your frame for a svelte look. Play around with cream and white as well as grey and black for the monochrome effect.

The age old tricks of pairing flowing tops with fashion belts and going for classic black outfits are still relevant ways to achieve a svelte look.