Create a DIY new look within 5 mins | Asian Hair

Asian hair styles look good, but they look even better with styling. Famous Japanese hair stylist Hideaki Kudou shows us 2 simple and creative ways on how we can spice up our everyday hairstyles to create different looks in just a few minutes!

1) Styling your fringe

If you have been the type who likes to sweep your fringe to the side,  why not try the ‘fringe’ look? It will make you look young and refreshed in an instant. However, not all fringe length can pull off this look. If your fringe is too long it’ll cover your eyes and irritate you the whole day, if its too short you might have a problem sweeping to the side subsequently. To pull off this versatile look, you will need to trim your fringe to sit just nicely above the eyes.

Long Hair Look

Short Hair Look

2) Changing your fringe parting and setting curls on hair ends

If you have long fringe and have been keeping it center parted, you can be a bit more adventurous by trying to part it sideways for a change. For those with short hairstyles and bob hair cuts, you might want to set some rollers on your hair ends to create loose waves and apply some hairwax to create that sexy touseled look.