Asian Laser Hair Removal

Common Questions Explained about Asian Laser Hair Removal

Part of a research conducted by the Nielson Company was on the attitude of 46 markets towards beauty treatments. According to the survey results, 62% Asians responded that they invest in personal grooming. Spending on the personal grooming, such as unwanted hair removal, makes people feel good about themselves, the Nielson research report suggests. Since the commercial introduction of laser hair removal in the mid 1990s, both men and women are adopting it as a safe, long term and effective (as propagated by dermatology literature) hair removal method. Here are the answers to frequently asked questions related to the procedure.

Understanding the 5Ws of Asian Laser Hair Removal

Here are the most commonly asked questions related to Asian laser hair removal treatment, as answered by experts:

  • What is the procedure followed in asian laser hair removal treatment?

Laser equipment is used to direct a beam of light on the desired area in order to target the melanin in the hair. Once the laser beam detects the dark pigment called melanin, it reaches the hair follicle and destroys it instantly.

  • Which areas can be treated using asian laser treatment?

According to the Hair Removal Journal, hair on and around body parts such as the face, underarms, back, legs, arms, bikini line, chest and abdomen are commonly treated using laser treatment. However, for any other special area, such as in cases of hirsutism (a medical condition of having overly excessive hair), you should consult an experienced practitioner before taking a decision.

  • Who are the good candidates for asian laser hair removal treatment?

Although almost anyone could be a candidate for laser hair removal treatment, the best candidate would be those with dark hair according to the Hair Removal Journal. However, the beam would detect the pigment of dark hair on a lighter skin better, says Dr. Eric F. Bernstein, Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine. Laser technology is least effective on grey, white and red hair due to the absence of melanin. Additionally, candidates who have unrealistic expectations from the treatment at the cost of health and safety are often rejected by practitioner.

  • What precaution should be taken?

Candidates who are intolerant to even minor discomfort are given topical anesthesia or certain tranquilizers before the treatment. Apart from this, eye gear is given by the practitioner to protect the eyes from the intense laser beam. Consult your practitioner and follow the post-treatment recommendations they offer.

  • What is the duration of the asian laser hair removal procedure?

Performing laser hair removal treatment on a small region such as the underarm or face may only take a few minutes. However, for body parts such as the legs, back and even the bikini line (which needs extra precautions), practitioners may need up to an hour or so.

  • How to prepare for the treatment?

Candidates are required to discontinue using other hair removal methods a couple of weeks before laser treatment. Additionally, daily care before the treatment includes avoiding direct sunlight, using a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 15. Candidates also need to trim the hair of the area to be treated one day before the laser treatment. The practitioner should be consulted for precise preparatory instructions for laser hair removal.

In order to get the best results from asian laser hair removal treatment, choose an experienced and licensed practitioner. Additionally, discuss your medical history, expectations and concerns with the professional in detail before making up your mind.