3 popular Korean female hairstyles | Asian Hair

Here are 3 great looking Korean female asian hairstyles that are made popular by Korean celebrities.


This hairstyle is taken after the popular hairdo of women in the 1940s, it gives a very classic and elegant look and is suitable for gala dinners or formal functions.


If you have long hair, you can tie it into two plaits. The difference is to tie them in a not too neat way, loosing some stray hairs on purpose to give the ‘messy’ feel. This hairdo will look nice on light colour hair instead of dark hair, as the ‘messy’ look can be brought out with greater details on light color. Great looks for under-the-sun activities, hitting the town during casual days or even to the beach.


Go for ceremic perm with loose big curls and short fringe. This is a great hairstyle suitable for work, for attending work functions or even dinner parties. It is very modern, stylish yet feminine.