Tips on how to have healthy strong thick hair | Asian Hair Care Tip

Have you notice that people from India always have nice, strong and shiny hair? They tend to have full-bodied hair and seem to face lesser hair loss problem. Apart from having good hair genes, indians also have a popular remedy – coconut oil! Yes, it’s one of the best kept asian hair secrets.

We all know that coconut oil contains a lot of saturated fat and consuming it too much will lead to high cholestrol, but yet it can be one of the best treatment for skin and hair. Asian hair has benefited much from this source of natural oil.

Virgin coconut oil in particular, is an excellent skin and hair moisturizer. It is easily absorbed into hair as compare to other types of hair oil and helps to protect and retain protein on hair (hair damage is usually due to loss of hair protein).

Indian parents have the habit of applying coconut hair oil on their kids’ hair, so most of them grow up with it. The way to apply is to massage the coconut oil on your scalp and keep it whole day or leave it overnight. If you leave it overnight, you might need to wear a showercap or place a towel on your pillow to avoid oil stains on it.  Shampoo and condition your hair mildly on the next day.

You can also use coconut oil to moisturize your body, simple oil your body an hour before shower. This will ensure that the coconut oil gets fully absorbed into your skin.

This whole process seems quite an effort. You might hate the massaging part or even the oily feeling on your hair. However, if you keep to this regime for a few months, soon you will find your hair getting stronger, healthier and shiner!