Cute hairstyles for guys that will make the girls swoon | Asian Hair

One of the popular asian guy hairstyles, especially with the youth, is those long, layered and wispy hair that sometimes look kind of anime-like. Usage of hair spray or hair wax is a must for styling these hairstyles. They are often seen on popular asian celebrities like boyband Fahrenheit, Jay chou and other asian male actors seen in Taiwanese/Japanese/Korean drama. The surprising thing is that with these hairstyles, a plain looking guy can get transformed into one that attract gals if they know how to style it. Enjoy the pics below… :)


  • http://yahoo sheila

    can i know who is that cute guy?..whose wearing a pink one and also the white shirt…

  • JoJo

    Omg lol who is the guy with white t-shirt in the second picture!!???


  • JoJo

    THX for the pic !!it help my friends alot for new hair style for a guy 😛

  • eco gurl

    i just want to grab it cause simply they look cool