7 Asian Men’s Hairstyles That Women Love | Asian Hair

To all the men out there…do want to know which types of male asian hairstyles can capture a woman’s interest? We take cue from some of the popular asian male celebrities and here’s the 7 types of men’s hairstyles to go for:

1) The Manly Crew Cut

This clean look spells ‘danger’ aka the bad boy, some women are drawn to the ‘bad boys’ out there because they are attracted to their manliness and their male macho.


Daniel Wu



Edison Chen


2) Long Shaggy Hair

There is a sense of coolness and male ruggedness with this look that women love.


Bae Yoon Jun


3) The Wet Look

Wet hair on men can be really sexy, of course we are not talking about dripping wet hair here. The best look is when the hair is in a half wet and half dry state, kind of like damp hair instead of wet hair. This look is achievable using hair mousse, making the hair look shiny and therefore giving the ‘wet’ feel.


Takeshi Kaneshiro


4) Layered Hair

Korean-style layered long hair on guys will look stylish and fashionable. Since women are more sensitive to fashion, they are naturally are drawn to men who make an effort to dress well and look stylish.


Lee Joon Ki


5) Wavy Perms

This hairstyle has a romantic and artistic feel. It gives a ‘prince’ like feel that women will swooned over. In fact, this hairstyle can sometimes even turn plain looking guys into suave guys that women will turn their heads to look at.




6) Little Pony Tail

This look is famously started by David Beckham, who donned this hairstyle and managed to look good even as he is sweating out and running about kicking balls. This look exudes fun, spontaneity, funkiness and adventurous, which will attract women like a swarm of bees


David Beckham


7) Armani Hairstyle

This hairstyle gives a manly, stable and mature feel that most women will be atrracted to. This is a common hairstyle that will look well on most guys.


Andy Lau