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Korean Winter Fashion

“Walking in the Winter Wonderland!”

Well, that’s probably the best song fitting for this time because winter is here. You might be either loving it for the cold and fun vibe it gives, or hating it because you will be forced to hide yourself inside layers and layers of clothing just to keep warm.

Fret not, because we’ll giving you tips on how to wear your clothes warmly but still in style this winter.

First up, the jackets.

Jackets have different kinds of thickness and one that will best warm you on a winter time are the Fur Jackets. As baggy as you think they might look, they pretty much give you that comfort and warmth you are looking for to fight of the cold bites of winter.

Fur Jackets comes in so different designs and colours that you will be spoiled for choices.


Another item you can wear instead of fur coats are the trench coats. These are definitely classy in every way.


In order to warm up your legs this winter, you can wear thick pants or leggings, but some people just can’t compromise fashion and still want to wear their shorts and skirts in winter.

As such, wearing knee-high boots will definitely help. If high boots are too uncomfortable to you, you can also go for leg warmers to protect your legs from the cold.



When it comes to covering yourself this winter, it is crucial that you keep your necks protected to drive away colds and other sickness.

Thus, scarves are your ultimate buddy in doing so. Scarves normally comes in great designs and colours so taking one that best suits your outfit for the day would not be a problem.

There are also a lot of different ways to wear scarves to jazz up your style.


Lastly, the outfit will not be complete without a head gear. 

Winter Hats are a great accessory in winter. They are not only stylish, but also give you additional warmth and protection from the coldness and melting snow falling on your hair and head.


Still hating on winter? Maybe not if you can see this as a great time to experiment with clothes layering to look fashionable and trendy.

Have a great holiday everyone!

2 Types Of Korean Men That We Love

As diverse as the world can be, you might think that the male population has also a lot of different classifications. But if you ask me, there is only two types of guys in this world. And that is the “Manly” ones, and the ones not so manly enough that I choose to call the “Cute” ones.

In the sense of fashion, these two types also has different way of dressing up. Here are a few fashion points that simply differentiates one from the other.

1. Manly/Classy Types:





These men are simply classy in everything that they wear and look put together in whatever ensemble they are wearing. Monochromatic colors and a classy fitted jacket or blazer is a common staple in their wardrobe. 

These jackets are in style almost every season. They can even pair them with slacks or even denim pants.

Something that is also in style among the manly types are the cardigans. Well we can probably say, if it’s not the jacket then it’s the cardigan in classic tones like white, brown, black, grey or navy.

Another key item in manly men’s clothing are their fitted long sleeve shirts that show off their lean and toned bodies (usually men who are in good shape will wear these). They usually wear them full or roll the sleeves up to their upper arms to show some of those muscles that they’ve been working hard on. 

So these are the manly types ,and their classic dressing will capture the hearts of many girls with their manly charisma.

2. Cutie Man types:




Now, this second type of guys are the ones who like to wear cool things comfortably and freely. Their fashion staples are usually the simple shirts, sweaters and denim pants.

They like to wear shirts paired with their tattered jeans or even jagger pants. Sweat shirts are also a common thing in their fashion.

Another key piece in their fashion is the beanies or snapbacks. These accessories help to enhance their style and cool factor.

In a more formal sense, these cutie guys can also move away from the baggy clothes. They also go for those short sleeved polos in bright colours and patterns, and they sweep the hearts of girls with their cute charm along the way.

So which type do you prefer?