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Go Wild With Leggings

Summer is the best time to get adventurous and have little fun with your dressing. Afterall, you only have a few months to do so before autumn comes around the corner (and you know time flies right?).

Why try out cool summer fashion trends like printed leggings? The leggings available in the market right now are vast that you can get an overload of choices and end up getting tired just browsing through online.

In this post, we have curated some of the leggings that we think are the most quirky, cute and unique ones. Just remember to go easy on your top when you are wearing a visually intensive item like these printed leggings.

Unless you want to look like you just came out from the gym, it’s best is to match it with a plain long tunic or short dress that falls somewhere between your knees and your crotch. Wear something as plain as possible in a single color without any details.

Angel Leggings
Beautiful Angel Leggings


Galaxy Leggings
Color Intrigue Galaxy Leggings


Rose & Skull leggings

Rose and Skull Print Leggings


Floral Leggings

Flowers Print Leggings


Pharaoh Leggings

Egyptian Pharaoh Print Leggings


Tetris Leggings

Tetris Black Leggings


Blooming Blue Flora Leggings

Blooming Flower Blue Leggings


Cut-out Faux Leather Lace Leggings

Dual-tone Triangle-shaped Lace Leggings

For more awesome leggings, check out Romwe.

Sweet Short Hairstyles for 2013

If long flowing hair is to feminine princesses, short sweet hair is to sweet and charming ladies. Short hair styles are an excellent alternative to the flowing locks of spring, the many trendy cuts giving a very personalized feel to show off a bright girl’s personality. You think you’re ready for a short change? Scroll down to view our suggestions.

Asian Women Hairstyles

Asian Women Hairstyles

This fresh and simple hairstyle is a wearable take on the popular mushroom hair. Mess up and curl the short locks artfully for an out-of-bed look and liven up with brown highlights.

Asian Women Hairstyles

Asian Women Hairstyles

You can also wear the mushroom hair in a sleek bob, adopting a cut that can be worn by girls, boys and of course, children. Play up your femininity with a bright coral lip and counter with your favorite loose sweater.

Asian Women Hairstyles

Asian Women Hairstyles

Cut edges to your short hair with layers down the nape of the neck, adding dimension to an otherwise boyish style.

Asian Women Hairstyles

Asian Women Hairstyles

For a less drastic cut, let the ends dangle past your chin and just above the shoulder with this comfortable short hair style. The curves and the characteristic full bangs will give you a doll-like look.

Asian Women Hairstyles

Asian Women Hairstyles

Not a fan of full short hairstyles? Go thin. The sharp edges of a style such as above gives a chic, rebel girl vibe that may just suit you.

You should be raring to run to a salon after these great short hair suggestions. Additional tips: always consult your trust hair technician specially if this is your first time going short. Enjoy saving on shampoo and hair drying time!