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Yoon Eun Hye’s Fashion Spread For ‘High Cut’ Magazine

Yoon Eun Hye Korean Fashion

Yoon Eun Hye Korean Fashion

Korean superstar Yoon Eun Hye graces yet another fashion cover for November 2012, this time as the Lady of Fall for High Cut magazine.

Yoon Eun Hye has been the face of K-pop, TV dramas and movies, and most recently has taken the role of director. The celebrity though has always been a style star. For the November issue of magazine High Cut, she poses in several key fall fashion ensembles just in time before winter breezes in.

Adopting a thoughtful, melancholy expression in her shots, Eun Hye wore a burgundy dress with hot salmon pink color block strip at the hem. The dress sported a floral-detailed collar, and hung loosely from her svelte frame. She had on a black fur hat, black sheer tights and high boots to complete the polished look.

Yoon Eun Hye Korean Fashion

Yoon Eun Hye Korean Fashion

Two other shots featured Eun Hye standing and composed. In one picture, she had on a cream long sleeve top over a floral-patterned shirt, worn with autumn red skirt with pleats. Her hair down in flowy curls, she finished the ensemble with dark tights and short leather heeled boots.

Another look showed the actress in a black wool overcoat from SJSJ with blue color block, worn over a white lace knit top and with a fur muffler. Going for a sporty chic vibe, Eun Hye wore these with black leather slim jeans and black sneakers.

Catch more of Eun Hye’s fall fashion in a behind-the-scenes cut of this pictorial in the High Cut webpage.

Source: BNT News

Jung Ryeo Won Pretty in Paisley for ‘King of Dramas’ Press Conference

Jung Ryeo Won Korean Fashion

Jung Ryeo Won Korean Fashion


Who says only your grandma wears paisley? Actress, model and former idol Jung Ryeo Won thinks the print is pretty enough for nothing less than the press conference for her new drama.

Jung Ryeo Won’s career has catapulted from her idol days to her being a full-fledged actress. Now the star is taking a new role in the much anticipated Korean soap titled The King of Dramas. October 31 marked the press conference held at SBS Broadcasting Center in Mokdong, and once again, Ryeo Won was pretty as a picture.

Jung Ryeo Won Korean Fashion

Jung Ryeo Won Korean Fashion


Playing the lead in the drama, Ryeo Won also took the fashion reins in a paisley patterned dress from CARVEN’s 2012F/W collection. The dress sported a womanly hourglass shape from its cap sleeves, high neckline with a short sexy slit down the blouse, ending modestly with the skirt hem above the knee. As an interesting accessory, Ryeo Won wore pinkish nude socks with black strappy platform shoes.

What do you think of the actress’s girly fall look? More from CARVEN’s print-and-contrast collection can be viewed in Vogue’s website.

Source: BNT News

Solbi Turns Into a Fashionable Witch for Halloween

Solbi Korean Fashion

Solbi Korean Fashion

Halloween is that special time of year when the kids come out and play in their scariest best. But who says only the little ones get to have all the fun? Definitely not Solbi!

Korean pop superstar Solbi is known for her sexy image and popular fashion choices. Maybe to prove that she knows how to have fun too, she showed her fans how to dress up creatively for the Halloween. In a Twitter post, the idol updated her followers with a photo collage of her as a sexy witch.

The photos show Solbi all dressed up for the festive occasion in a dominantly black ensemble. It started with a funky hat atop her long blonde voluminous curls. Then she wore a structured black jacket over a purely lace mini dress, giving a not-so-modest peek of her black matching brassiere. Slipping on gartered black tights with suspenders and bright red boots to match her red lips for a pop of color. Solbi could be the beautiful sassy witch whom Hansel and Gretel won’t mind running into!

Netizens were impressed by the dreamlike atmosphere of Solbi’s look. How would you make your own K-pop twist to your trick-or-treat wear?

Source: BNT News

How To Wear Loafers

Image Source

Loafers have been around for quite a long time. In fact, the first loafers appeared in the mid 1930’s as casual shoes in Norway. They were, and until now are, flat shoes with tassels instead of shoe strings. They are considered flats, but what distinguishes them from the others is that they are typically constructed with a moccasin construction and have tassels as embellishments.

Given that they’re casual flats with masculine and rugged details, here comes the big question for girly girls: Just how do you wear them?

Image Source


Loafers look adorable when paired with floral dresses or earth-toned numbers. These slip-ons are very comfortable to wear when going around town to do errands or buy groceries. Shopping? You could do that too.


Loafers are versatile enough to be worn with any casual top. Dressier tops, those that are made of silk, chiffon, or lace, are typically more difficult to pair with loafers, unless you can tone it down with a casual khaki bottom, jeans or harem pants. Thus, we need to exercise prudence when making things dressier with loafers. They are made for casual wear, not for showy outfits.

Image Source


Loafers are made for casual wear, so it’s best paired with khaki pants, jeans, bermudas, shorts, three-quarter pants or capris. You should never paired them with formal work-wear like working pants or pencil skirts, as they will look totally out of place.  They look best when worn with casual bottom pieces that emphasize the legs, such as skinny jeans, mini skirts or shorts. If you want to avoid the overly casual weekend look of flip-flops and sandals, loafers can add a slight ‘formal’ touch to your look. Throw a blazer or cardigan over your top to give your look an extra oomph, and you can even wear this look to office on casual Fridays.

In conclusion, just because they don’t come in whimsical colors doesn’t mean that they can’t be any more fun than your ballet flats or your pumps. Loafers are staple pieces in your wardrobe, so make sure that you get your hands on a pair. Wear them with dresses, shorts, or wear them with skinny jeans- it’s your call. Nevertheless, it will not leave you looking like you lack style factor. In fact, they’re a pair of stylish shoes by themselves.

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Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Emerges as Fashionista in ‘0/1 Creative Book’

Hyoyeon Korean Fashion

Hyoyeon Korean Fashion


Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon is known in the popular Korean girl group for her power dancing and cheeky fun personality. In a recent magazine cover, the idol proves that she is also a force to be reckoned with in fashion.

Like a phoenix goddess, Hyoyeon rose and posed with endless confidence for the cover of beauty fashion book, 0/1 Creative Book. This is the first time the magazine had a celebrity as their cover model, and is sure proof that not only has Hyoyeon carved her place in Girl’s Generation, but also that she is a popular face in the fashion industry.

This issue of 0/1 Creative Book is themed Independent and Renew. The cover caught Hyoyeon in a signature powerful dance pose, clad in a billowing midnight blue crepe silk gown and showing off her toned legs in sequined hot pants and silver sky-high platforms.

Hyoyeon Korean Fashion

Hyoyeon Korean Fashion

The new It girl smoldered with her blonde hair in vintage-style curls, her svelte body curved in another shot where she wore a black and gold number with stripe detail and a shredded skirt. Again her legs caught attention, lengthened by strappy black stilettos.

Hyoyeon was able to impress through her lovely and alluring charms, another side of the idol unlike her active charisma onstage. Dancing Queen she will always be though, as proven by MAXSTEP, the latest song by SM Entertainment’s specially formed dance unit for Hyundai. In the group, dubbed Younique, Hyoyeon is joined by fellow dynamites Taemin, Eunhyuk, Henry, Luhan and Kai.

Catch Dancing Hyoyeon in the video below, and Fashionista Hyoyeon in the 18 pages of her pictorial will be available to her fans starting November 31.


Source: BNT News

Gorgeous Christmas Party Dresses That Can Be Worn More Than Once

Christmas is coming! In the midst of busy preparations in getting our houses done up and getting the right gifts for friends and family, we are sometimes left with lesser time shopping for our perfect dress for that Christmas party and family reunion dinners.

We came across some pretty frocks from Modcloth that might just fit the festive occasion. Unlike dresses with typical glittery and glam designs, these are not the worn-once-and-forget-about-it types, but rather, they are the kinds you can keep and wear them for other occasions or even for work. These are the dresses that will not go out of style, which give you better mileage and value. So here’s our picks:

Pastel Dress For ChristmasUS$ 92.99


Blue Bow Dress For Christmas US$ 74.99 


Floral Taupe A-Line Dress

US$ 124.99

Champagne Chiffon One-Shoulder Dress

US$ 87.99

Raspberry Lace Dress

US$ 47.99

Black Lace Party Dress

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Black and Gold Brocade Party Dress

US$ 94.99

More fabulous Christmas party dresses from Modcloth here.

Quick Tips On How To Wear Skinny Jeans

You see them on cute, round bums and think that it’s too hard for you to pull off. Here’s a secret: skinny jeans are a staple. You might have your own doubts about this, but it’s quite easy to play around with your skinnies. All you need is a good color palette to choose from. Here’s how to pull them off:

Image Source


You want to look for skinnies that have at least 30% polyester so that it allows a little stretch while preventing lumps and bulges on your legs. Jeggings are nowhere near skinny jeans as it’s more elastic and fragile than skinny jeans. The good thing about getting jeans instead of jeggings is that they last longer as they’re less elastic and hold their shape longer.


You want skinny jeans that follow the contour of your body. This being said, make sure that they cling nicely to the legs and waist. To know if you got the right pair, move around in different positions- sit down, bend over, walk, and raise your legs up one at a time. If the waist stays in place, you’ve got that covered. The legs and crotch should cling as close to the body as possible.


If you are not that adventurous with bright colors, you can pick skinny jeans in three safe materials or colors: black, khaki, and denim. The wash should be simple. If you have bulky thighs, go for a wash that’s dark at the sides and gradually goes lighter at the center. Another option is to wear dark washes. If you have slender legs, faded jeans add width.


You can pair skinny jeans with pumps and make your legs look like they go for miles. On the other hand, you can wear them with comfy ballet flats for a casual day doing errands. Wedges? Yes they work with these babies too. As for boots, whatever the length, the skinnies are willing to oblige. A word of caution though. Skinny jeans are tight, slimming, and slender. So it’s better to wear them with shoes that create width. Those stilettos are probably not the best pair of shoes to wear since they are too thin to balance out the silhouette of the skinny jeans.


When pairing tops with these jeans, you have a whole lot of things to consider. First, if you’re wearing pumps, go for dressier slim-fitting tops to pull the look together. You have a whole lot of choices when wearing flats, boots, or wedges.

One caution is that skinny jeans that to emphasis your bulges and tummy if you have got one, especially if they are low-waisted or the waist-band is a little tight. If you have such problem, you can hide them with a peplum top (flared ruffle attached to the waistline of a top or blouse), or a slightly looser chiffon/cotton top that falls just below your tummy. Since skinny jeans are skin tight, the loose top will be able to balance out your entire look.

Image Source

See? Skinny jeans are not just for slim people with perfect bums. In fact, if you pair it right and choose the right wash, color and fit, it will work its magic on you.

How to wear High-Waisted Trousers

You see them in editorials and and runway shows. Then you start thinking that if that pair of trousers can make a size 0 model thinner, then maybe it’ll do the same thing for you. Right? No. WRONG. So how do you wear them? Read on.

Go long, and wear them with heels

Image Source

High-waisted jeans are supposed to make you look tall and lean, not short and stubby. Many women suffer the mistake of wearing high waisted capris or worse, high-waisted skinny jeans. While we all know that the extra tummy tuck is a welcome affair, it has to be balanced out by allowing the pant legs to fall down to the floor. Otherwise, your silhouette looks cut off somewhere in the middle and leaves the eyes longing for more length.

When wearing them, make sure your shoes are just peeking from the hemline. Thus, peep-toes look best with these jeans. Remember that the hem should be be half an inch from the floor and touching the top of the shoe.

Avoid puddles and bulges

Image Source

While it is not a good thing to keep these trousers short, keeping them too long is a bad thing too. When wearing them, make sure that there aren’t any creases or that the hem does not scrunch up even the slightest bit to the floor. Any  creases – what we call puddles- or folds make it seem that the pants are eating up the lower half of your body, and this makes you look too small for your clothes.

You want a slim-fitting pair of trousers, so make sure that the waist feels nice and snug. However, do not go too tight or else you’ll end up looking like you ate too much for lunch. On the other hand, going too loose on the waist will give you wrinkles on the crotch area, and believe me, this is unsightly. One way to tell if the waist fits perfectly is to sit down when trying on the trousers. If it doesn’t wrinkle and allows you enough room to breathe, then go ahead and buy it.

No slim fits

Trousers with high waists are meant to be wide legged. Skinny jeans that are high waisted look like the proverbial mom jeans. Enough said.

Wear slim tops

Image Source

You want to balance out the width at the bottom by wearing body-hugging tops. This looks sexy especially when it’s a simple tank top or plain shirt. Make sure they’re tucked in as well. Wearing a top that is either flowy or bulky upsets your proportions.

High-waisted trousers are definitely the hardest bottoms to pull off. It goes two ways- either it looks like a fabulously crafted material or your mom’s jeans from the 80’s. Like most sophisticated clothing, there are ways to wear this pair. Do it the right way and you look sophisticated and classy. Worn the wrong way, even the most expensive designer jeans become mom jeans.

Black Friday Shoe Specials At Macy’s

Black Friday is here! For every savvy online shopper, black Friday is THE sale that shouldn’t be missed, because its the time where you can stock up on necessities, Christmas gifts and your other desires at a bargain. If you are looking for that special deal and amazing promos, Macy’s might just be worth the place to stop by. We popped over to the shoes section to have a look and immediately fell in love with some of these bargains here:

1) Off-white boots

These are great for creating a chic monochrome fall look. Off-white is not a strong color like pure white and they are easier to match. Simply layer a black cardigan or black V-neck sweater over a crisp white shirt, preferably leaving the cuffs uncovered, then wear a black skirt knee-length pencil skirt with black leggings and slip into a pair of off-white boots as such. The focus here is on the boots, so you will need to wear mostly black clothing to balance it out. The white shirt plays a supporting role and helps to make you look less dull. Voila! You’ve just nailed the look.

2) Glam Shoes For Christmas

What’s a better time than now to shop for a new pair of glam shoes for the upcoming Christmas party? This pair of peep-toe rhine-stones studded black booties might add that touch of bling that you need. It goes with a lot of outfits, such as dark blue/black skinny jeans worn with glam gold flowy tops, or a short dark purple mini dress. The trick here is to choose a bolder and brighter color outfit (think navy blue, red, silver or shimmery tops). Unless you are in for that all-black look, you do not want to look dull for Christmas. Remember to paint your toe-nails before you wear them!

3) Nude Pumps With Golden Toe Caps

These are gorgeous beyond words! Nude pumps are the in thing now and is fast becoming a necessity item every woman should have. Reason being it works fantastically in helping you to elongate your legs and giving the illusion of added height to your frame. The gold toe-caps add a bit of glam factor to the shoes, and with the interesting little zips on it, they stand out from the rest. They are so easy to match and practically go well anything. Wear them with your shift dresses, pencil skirts, below-knee or knee-length flowy skirts. You can also be adventurous in wearing bright colors or prints with it. Just don’t wear nude color clothes or clothing with color close to your skin tone, otherwise it will make you sallow and plain ‘nude’.


4) Classic Hounds-tooth Slingbacks

Hounds-tooth is a classic and evergreen design. Many designers like to use them (e.g. Chanel) and they never go out of style. Every woman should own a hounds-tooth item – scarf, pants, dress or shoes like the one below. They are very appropriate for work and might just help to boost your career by giving you a polished look. To be safe, you can wear them with black pencil skirts, black pants or white skirts and pants. Earth tones like grey or dark brown will go well with it too. The only thing you want to avoid when wearing hounds-tooth shoes is prints. If worn incorrectly, the prints on your outfit might clash with the hounds tooth prints, which can easily result in a cluttered and confusing image that can be detrimental to your career.

For more  bargain items, be sure to check out the annual Macy’s Black Friday holiday Sale. Its now on!