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25 Gorgeous Women’s Hairstyle Names Used By Professionals | Asian Hair

You  might have come across certain nice asian hairstyles but do not know exactly what they are called. In this post, we will share with you some of the common professionally used hairstyle terms within the industry. Also, the cute hairstyle pictures below are so gorgeous that you can easily imagine yourself with some of them. So check out these 25 hairstyles and their pretty colours. With these, you can better communicate on the kind of hairstyle you want with your hair stylist. 


1) Airy Curl


2) Asymmetry Cut


3) Asymmetry Style


4) Chiffon  Layer


5) Classical Regent


6) Classical Straight


7) Cool Lovely


8 ) Fluffy


9) Fuzzer Bob


10) Geometric Cut


11) Geometric Shaggy


12) Girlie Braids


13) Layer Wolf


14) Milky Bob


15) Mush 


16) Natural Up


17) Neo Wave


18) Pony


19) Popflower


20) Round Bob


21) Side Curl Up


22) Spiral B


23) Straight Bob


24) Swing Layer


25) Wild Curlup


Cute isn’t it? So which one is your favourite? :)

Korean Actress Song Hae Kyo’s Latest Hairstyle | Asian Hair

In this post, we take a look at the latest short asian hairstyle that Korean actress Song Hae Kyo is sporting, which is a simple and refreshing look to have.

How To Use Hair Accessories | Asian Hair

Here’s some great examples of how to use pretty asian hair accessories to add some zest to your normal daily hair. They can also help you hide a bad hair day , so be sure be experiment with these great looks!

1) Pretty ribbon hairband

This goes well with permed hair, be it short, mid-length or long.  Long straight hair will look good with this too. Remember to put the hairband straight down on the middle part of the head, leaving the fringe and some of the hair in front untouched. 



2) Pretty Rubber Hair Band

Tie a pretty ponytail sideways with a nice butterfly or flower rubber band or bun it up sideways (do the Korean bun!  Watch the video on how to tie it on our site).



3) Pretty Hair Clips

This is one of the popular asian hair look for gals. Part your fringe sideways and clip them with a nice hair clip  for that occasional feminine and dainty look.

36 Women’s Hairstyles For 2009 | Asian Hair

We have something for the ladies too, here’s 36 different asian women’s hairstyles for 2009. It’s more than enough inspiration to keep you going for the whole year!

60 cool men’s hairstyles for 2009 | Asian Hair

Start your 2009 with a new image! Here’s 60 cool asian guy hairstyles for you to pick from, whether it is long shaggy hair or short crop, you will sure find some inspiration from these pictures below.

Asian Men's Hair Pictures

Asian Men's Hair Pictures



How to do the Korean hair bun | Asian Hair

If you are into Korean drama and fashion, you might have come across Korean gals sporting a ‘messy’ kind of hair bun. Its unofficially dubbed the ‘Korean hair bun’ because the trend is started off from there. Here’s some tutorial videos on how to create the Korean asian hair bun:


Korean Hair Bun


How To Do The Korean High Hair Bun:



How To Do The Korean Loose Hair Bun:

Great Korean men’s hairstyles to have for those in their 30s and 40s | Asian Hair

If you are in your 30s-40s and think experimenting with hair fashion are a thing of the past or a hobby of your student days, think again. There’s no reason why you should stick to the typical slick, neat and short hair with fringe parted sideways – the oh-so-boring look that every male in the office has, including your CEO. Asian hair is about creativity, with the right hairstyles and image, you can look sexy, appealing and mature. Its ‘da thing’ that will make you stand out from the rest. We can learn a thing or two from these great looking Korean celebrities in their 30s and 40s, who still maintain an allure that only men in this age group can carry off.  Do observe their dressing too, it’s the whole package that counts.