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5 DIY Hairstyling Tips For Asian Female Hair | Asian Hair

We always assume that a new haircut is all we need whenever we get sick of our plain and dull hairstyles. Although a good cut is important, the fact is that a nice hairstyle often requires some effort in styling with the use of a good hair spray or hair wax and other styling tools. Very often, the nice asian hairstyle pictures we see in this site or in other Japanese hairstyle books have been styled with hairspray or curled with curling tongs. It is not possible to achieve ‘magazine looking’ hairstyles without doing anything to it. In this post, we will share some easy and quick DIY hairstyling tips to get your normal boring looking hair jazzed up within minutes.

1) Styling your short layered hair

A light touseled feel will make a difference to your everyday short hair look. Apply some hair wax or hair spray on your palm and rub your palms together. Run them through your hair crown and hair ends by scrunching them with your fingers, Tousel your hair by inserting your fingers into your hair and flip it up and down to create the ‘messy’ look. Use your palms to flip the hair ends in upwards motion after that.





2) Styling your shoulder-length layered hair

Apply some hair wax or hair spray on your palm and rub your palms together. Run them through your hair ends by scrunching them from the base with your fingers in upwards motion. Run your fingers through your fringe and hair crown with the left-over hair wax or hair spray. 





3) Styling your long layered straight hair

A lot of women with long straight hair do not bother to style their hair simply because they think there’s not much to do with their hair and so rather leave them as it is. Unless you are born with naturally straight and silky hair, otherwise if might end up looking flat, dull or even frizzy over time, especially if your hair is layered.

To create that silky straight hair look, apply some hair spray on mid-hair section to hair ends and get a good flat iron to straighten this part of your hair. Make sure the flat iron is being heated up before using.  Clamp a section of hair from mid length and pulling it down slowly to hair ends and repeat for 3-4 times on same section of hair before moving on to other sections. Avoid using it for more than 3 times as it can be drying and damaging to your hair.




4) Styling your long permed hair

If you had your hair permed and dutifully apply hair styling product on your curls daily but still wondering why it does not look as gorgeous as those in hair magazines, then you really have to invest in a good curling tong. The truth is those featured in the hair magazines often had to use curling tongs to bring out those nice big looking curls even though they already had a perm, otherwise your curls will just look wavy if you use hair styling products only.





5) Styling your shoulder-length permed layered hair

If you have permed hair, you MUST always style it by applying hair styling cream or hair wax for permed hair. There is no exception, otherwise your hair will look frizzy and messy. It is best to start applying hair styling product when your hair is still damp after a shower, and either let it dry naturally or blow dry it to bring out the curls. If you want to make the curls even more prominent, you can also use a curling tong. It is harder to style it once your hair gets dry and often the curls do not last. Tip: Always remember that the longer the hair is, the easier it is to style and making it lasting on damp hair rather than dry hair. 




Latest Korean Male Asian Hairstyles | Asian Hair

Here are 6 cool asian male hairstyles to go for this season. Not only are they easy to style but also easy to maintain!






Natural Looking Korean and Japanese Perms | Asian Hair

Korean and Japanese perms are the all time popular asian hairstyles in asia, you can create many different looks with these natural looking perms. Here are 4 perfect examples:


1) The sophisticated look with layered hair and soft perms at the end of hair section.


2) Chic looking curly short hair, with perms starting from the hair roots.



3) Create the tousled sexy look with a perm of loose curls from mid-hair section. 


4) Shoulder length hair with very mild wavy perms at the hair ends.

So which one is your favourite hair?

Cool Asian Hairstyles – The Funky Poodle Hair | Asian Hair

Guys, if you are game enough you can try this big poodle hairdo, which makes you look cool and funky almost instantly! This type of hairstyle will suit naturally fine and straight asian hair. Guys with naturally curly hair are not suitable for this hairstyle, as it might turn out disastrous. (your hair will look twice as big as the picture below…so you can imagine!)


4 different ways to wear your long hair with hair accessories | Asian Hair

Long hair are great for bunning up and asian females look great with bun up hair! Here are 4 great ways to bun your hair up elegantly, with the help of pretty hair accessories.

1) Bun your hair with pretty hair sticks. To learn how to wear hair sticks, check out this video clip tutorial


2) Wear colourful thick hair bands.




3) Kimono Hairstyle: Create the Geisha Look by wearing Japanese designed hair sticks and hair combs.



4) Twist your hair into a half-bun pony tail by securing it with hair comb and hair clips.


10 Beautiful Korean Bridal Hair Styles | Asian Hair

Here are 10 gorgeous Korean asian bridal hair styles that will bound to make you shine like a beautiful princess on your wedding day! 


The Greek Princess Look


The Snow White Look


The French Princess Look


The Modern Princess Look


The Japanese Princess Look


The Medieval Princess Look


The Sweet Princess Look


The English Princess Look


The 18th Century Princess Look


The Flower Princess Look

Angela Zhang’s Pretty Bob Hairstyle | Asian Hair

Angela Zhang practically morphed from a teenage looking girl-next-door to a sexy & stylish young lady with this chic looking asian bob hairstyle when she lauched her album ‘Ang5.0’. It looked really fantastic on her! Bob hairstyles will suit asian females perfectly, think china dolls and cute chinese school girl haircuts!






3 popular Korean female hairstyles | Asian Hair

Here are 3 great looking Korean female asian hairstyles that are made popular by Korean celebrities.


This hairstyle is taken after the popular hairdo of women in the 1940s, it gives a very classic and elegant look and is suitable for gala dinners or formal functions.


If you have long hair, you can tie it into two plaits. The difference is to tie them in a not too neat way, loosing some stray hairs on purpose to give the ‘messy’ feel. This hairdo will look nice on light colour hair instead of dark hair, as the ‘messy’ look can be brought out with greater details on light color. Great looks for under-the-sun activities, hitting the town during casual days or even to the beach.


Go for ceremic perm with loose big curls and short fringe. This is a great hairstyle suitable for work, for attending work functions or even dinner parties. It is very modern, stylish yet feminine.

Create a DIY new look within 5 mins | Asian Hair

Asian hair styles look good, but they look even better with styling. Famous Japanese hair stylist Hideaki Kudou shows us 2 simple and creative ways on how we can spice up our everyday hairstyles to create different looks in just a few minutes!

1) Styling your fringe

If you have been the type who likes to sweep your fringe to the side,  why not try the ‘fringe’ look? It will make you look young and refreshed in an instant. However, not all fringe length can pull off this look. If your fringe is too long it’ll cover your eyes and irritate you the whole day, if its too short you might have a problem sweeping to the side subsequently. To pull off this versatile look, you will need to trim your fringe to sit just nicely above the eyes.

Long Hair Look

Short Hair Look

2) Changing your fringe parting and setting curls on hair ends

If you have long fringe and have been keeping it center parted, you can be a bit more adventurous by trying to part it sideways for a change. For those with short hairstyles and bob hair cuts, you might want to set some rollers on your hair ends to create loose waves and apply some hairwax to create that sexy touseled look.

Asian Men Hair Styles – 64 Trendy Japanese Men Hair Styles! | Asian Hair

Asian Hair Trends:

Here’s 64 super trendy Japanese men asian hair styles. If you like any of these hairstyles, do remember to print it our and show it to your hair stylist. Enjoy!