13 Asian Hair Dye Tips | Asian Hair Dye Care

1. Before we go for hair dye, we should have a good understanding of the available hair highlighting colors and those suitable for asian hair, rather than just blindly expect our hairstylist to work miracles and give us what we want.

2. As majority of asians have yellow skin color,  asians must try to avoid yellow color, because it will make the person look sick. The all-time safe hair dye colors for asians are brown or dark brown. These colors are suitable as whole hair color or as  hair highlights and they are more suitable for those in 25-50 age group.

3. Violet, red and burgundy are popular asian hair dye colors, especially during festive seasons like Chinese New Year, it will also suit asians. These colors will also suit short hairs or as highlight hair colors for those with long hair. Dyeing of whole hair with such colors are more suitable for those in age group of 20-35, as they will look not too young or too mature to carry off these bright colors.

4.  As a general rule of thumb, those with fairer skin can choose from wider selection of hair dye colors or more drastic hair colors against their skin color, whereas those with darker skin have narrower choices.

5. Hair should not washed before hair dye, as our hair secretes natural oil that can help protect the hair against the chemicals in hair dye. It also helps to protect our scalp and prevent infection. There is no need to worry, as the grease on our hair will not have any negative effect on the  application of new hair color. If you wash your hair before hair dye (worse if you use fingernails to scratch your scalp during washing), it might result in sensitive scalp and can cause itchiness or infection later on. Moreover, washing your hair causes your sweat pores on scalp to be opened and making it vulnerable to harmful particples. If you apply hair dye immediately after washing, it will absorb the harmful hair dye chemical! So do keep in mind at all cost – NO WASHING of hair before hair dye!

6. Hair salons usually carry a range of hair dye brands. Those touted as better quality and more expensive hair dye brands with attractive features (such as moisturizing hair color) will only help to lessen the damage to the hair. The truth is there is actually no such thing as moisturizing hair dye. Your hair will still get damaged during the process, as long as chemicals are used. Even the best hair dye brand is no gurantee against allergies. There is NO hairdye that does not use any harmful chemicals, the issue is how extensive the damage can get or how good the damage control is.

7. Do you like to have odd colors like bright fiery red, bright pink, blue, green or blonde? If you are an asian, you most likely have to bleach your hair to get the desired results, as asian hair are naturally dark and such colors will not be achieved without first bleaching. In fact, the more drastic the desired color is from your natural color, the more you have to bleach. However, the bad news is bleaching is the most toxic form of chemical you can feed your hair. If your hair is not of optimal health, bleaching can ruin your hair with immediate effect! Unless you have lots of money to do expensive hair treatment every week, asians should avoid bleaching their hair. Those celebrities you see on television with such hair colors either have very bad hair quality and they managed to disguise it, or they religiously do good hair treatment every week to protect their hair. If you really want to bleach, make sure you find professional help and avoid DIY, as it could get very messy and damaging.

8. Comb your hair with a wide tooth comb before applying hair dye.

9. Avoid using hair dryer for long time or perm your hair immediately after a hair dye, as this will not just ruin your hair color, it will also damage your hair big time. If you want to perm your hair, a recommended time should be 7 days before or 7 days after the hair dye.

10. Its best to wash your hair 3 days after the hair dye, as this will maximize the absorption of  the hair dye color and make it last longer. Also, try to keep out from the sun for this will cause your hair color to fade out.

11. For those with skin allergy, it is best to avoid going for hair dye, unless you can put up with the itch.  

12. How your new hair dye color turns out depends on several factors like how healthy your hair is and how well it absorbs the color particles. If you have healthy hair,  with dense hair quantity and a natural shiny black color, then you have the best hair condition and the hair dye color will most likely turn out well and will be what you desired.

13. Last but not least, natural black hair works like a charm for asians, especially for asian women. It is the only asian hair color that asians look the best and most unique in. It is also shiny and reflects light whether is it indoors or outdoors, these are special qualities that dyed black hair can’t really achieve. So for those with natural black hair should treasure their hair and celebrate it by wearing it natural once in a while!

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    yellow skin, referring to the chinese? cuz im asian and dont have yellow skin. not really relevant for all asians. remember there are malays, indonesians etc. we dont have yellow skin.