Weird, Creative & Funny Animal Hairstyles | Asian Hair

Fancy wearing animals on your hair? Animal hairstyles are what you will need.  These hairstyles are amazing creative, cool. funny and of course super weird too! These are the amazing creations of Japanese hair artist Nagi Noda. Asian hair will look cool with animal hairstyles. Go on, try these hairstyles if you dare…


1. Pig Hairstyle

Weird Animal Hairstyles


2. Lassie Dog Hairstyle



3. Bear Hairstyle


4. Goat Hairstyle


5.  Hare Hairstyle


6. Lion Hairstyle


7. Rhinoceros Hairstyle


8. Seal Hairstyle


9. Dog Hairstyle



10.  Deer Hairstyle


11. Shitzu Hairstyle


12.  Reindeer Hairstyle


13.  Poodle Hairstyle

  • vonnie

    haha. these are so sick !
    i’d never go out in public like that,
    unless for a fashion show or photo shoot,
    but they are awesome ! xD

  • Anonymous

    Oh dear. Um, number 10 is a giraffe.
    Not a deer. That’s a bit awkward.
    Poor animal identification.
    Neat hairstyles though. Lion is my favourite.

  • D. Mendoza

    This would take me a million hours to do this…

  • That chick

    Not only is the “deer” a giraffe, the “seal” is a walrus.