The Thick Eyebrows Look Adored By Korean Female Celebrities

The ‘straight thick eyebrows’ trend among Korean celebrities

SNSD Hyo Yeon's Makeup

SNSD Hyo Yeon’s Makeup

Straight eyebrows seems to be getting popular with Korean female celebrities these days. Long, thick eyebrows gives the impression of innocence, kind, gentle and feminine. When SNSD’s Hyoyeon first started her entertainment career, she used to have curved eyebrows, which she had them straightened subsequently to look more feminine.

Moon Geun Yoon's Makeup | IU's Makeup

Moon Geun Yoon’s Makeup | IU’s Makeup

Another good example of Korean actress with straight thick eyebrows is Moon Geun Young. Her eyebrows are her signature look, which she had them since young and she doesn’t need to do much to draw or fill them, other than just regular trimming and maintenance. Singer IU  also have a preference for straight eyebrows.

Will this suit me?

So how to tell if straight thick eyebrows are for you? Indeed, everyone’s different and this type of eyebrows might not suit all. As a rule of thumb, your eyebrows’ thickness should match the size of your forehead and cheekbone. The higher your forehead or cheekbones are, the more you can pull off the thick look. If your face is wide, your eyebrows should be drawn longer to make your face look slimmer. The size of your eyes also determine the thickness of your brows – large eyes go with thicker brows, smaller eyes thinner brows. Also, try to refrain from going too thick or too dark on the eyebrow heads, otherwise it can make you look stiff and unnatural.

Matching eyebrows and hair color

4Minute Kim Hyun Ah's Makeup | SNSD Yoona's Makeup

4Minute Kim Hyun Ah’s Makeup | SNSD Yoona’s Makeup

Hair dying is common and most people probably change their hair colors at least twice in a year. To look natural, dye your eyebrows in the same tone of your hair color. Take cue from 4minute’s  Kim Hyun Ah, who had her hair and eyebrows dyed in the same blond color. Yoona from SNSD looks gorgeous too after dying her hair and eyebrows in a reddish-brown tone.

The shape of our eyebrows can influence how we look. For example, thin eyebrows can be vintage looking on some people, whereas thick eyebrows might look fierce on others. As Asians tend to have flat features, the right type of eyebrows can help to enhance the rest of the features. It pays to spend some time and money on eyebrow grooming. Besides getting the right shape, eyebrow makeup kits are also essential tools for creating the perfect brows.

Eyebrow Makeup Kit – How to Groom and Draw Your Brows

Eyebrow Makeup Kit

For a neat and clean look, pluck the stray brow hairs off first before deciding on the best shape for your eyebrows. If you are not sure of what shape will suit you or not confident in shaping your eyebrows, consider going to professional eyebrow salon for help. Popular cosmetic shops like Shu Uemura and Benefit also provide eyebrow shaping services to help people create beautiful eyebrows.

The two main tools used for drawing eyebrows are the eyebrow pencil and eyebrow shadow. A penciled brow is less natural-looking and can look harsh if not done properly, whereas using powder to fill in the brows can create more gentle and natural brows, which is easy for beginners to apply. The downside is eyebrow shadow is not as lasting as the pencil.

If you are choosing powder, use a brush with a slanted tip to fill the powder into the eyebrows and then use a pencil to draw the ends of the eyebrows. Finish off by filling in a little gradation underneath the eyebrows using the pencil, which will help make your brows look clean and neat (kind of like a gentle outlining). If you want to soften the ‘harshness’ of your brows, try applying some press powder over it or use an eyebrow comb to even out the color.

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