Pompous Platform Pumps!

If there’s a footwear equivalent of the little black dress, it’s the ever-trustworthy pumps that every woman must have in her shoe collection. Pumps come with a closed back and a covered cap. But what differentiates platform pumps from every other pumps in the market? Simple, really. The only difference is that platform pumps have a platform at the sole of the shoe that elevates or gives more height to the wearer. They are similar to platform shoes but without the chunkiness of traditional platform shoes or wedges. These beauties are great to wear with almost anything- from mini skirts to shorts to dresses and jeans.

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There are a variety of platform pumps out there for every outfit that you could think of. For example, there are peep-toe platform pumps where there is a tiny cut-out at the tip of the shoe where beautiful pedicured nails can be revealed. The shoe caps can also be in round, pointy or square shape.

How to Wear

Wearing pompous platform pumps are all about style. You can wear them with almost any outfit, blouse, or bottom. They make legs look especially long when worn with super short shorts and mini skirts. They also make your legs shapelier when worn with leggings, jeggings, or skinny jeans. They add height when you wear them with trousers or straight cut jeans. Lastly, they look elegant when worn with skirts and dresses.

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Platform pumps are categorized as high heels, and are higher than the normal pumps. Therefore, a little precaution should be taken when wearing them. Take great care when running or pacing quickly with them on. To prevent sore feet, there are cushions that you can buy and insert into the soles of the shoes. They give your feet ample support and prevent them from sliding down the shoes and hurting your toes. Lastly, choose a pair that fits snuggly on your feet. Your feet should not be sliding up or down during walking. Neither should the shoe get left behind. An ill-fitting pair of heels will make your feet hurt later on. Getting the right fit might be a challenge, but I assure you that it will look and feel just as stunning.

Casual, dressy, or ultra formal- whatever the occasion, platform pumps are surely one of the must-haves that will make your outfit more elegant and giving you the extra boost in height. They are not just great for work wear, but also versatile enough for gala events or night-outs in the clubs.