A Makeup Tutorial On How To Look Like Tiffany (From Girl’s Generation)

Here’s a great makeup video tutorial on how to get Tiffany’s look in Girl’s Generation music video ‘The Boys’. This video was done by Jane via her popular makeup blog ‘From Head To Toe‘. Although it was done in Nov last year, it is still an impressive tutorial where the seemingly complex look was brilliantly broken down into step-by-step chunks that we can follow. For those who are unfamiliar with Jane, she is one of the few beauty bloggers who got famous from their YouTube video tutorials and also of Asian heritage. Jane’s Korean American, which is why she has tons of makeup tutorials that are K-pop inspired. Check out her blog for more great stuff.

Now back to the video, here’s how Tiffany look like in the music video:

Girls Generation (SNSD) - Tiffany from 'The Boys' music video

Girls Generation (SNSD) – Tiffany from ‘The Boys’ music video


And now the makeup tutorial video:


And finally, here’s the cool music video ‘The Boys’, enjoy guys!