Solbi Turns Into a Fashionable Witch for Halloween

Solbi Korean Fashion

Solbi Korean Fashion

Halloween is that special time of year when the kids come out and play in their scariest best. But who says only the little ones get to have all the fun? Definitely not Solbi!

Korean pop superstar Solbi is known for her sexy image and popular fashion choices. Maybe to prove that she knows how to have fun too, she showed her fans how to dress up creatively for the Halloween. In a Twitter post, the idol updated her followers with a photo collage of her as a sexy witch.

The photos show Solbi all dressed up for the festive occasion in a dominantly black ensemble. It started with a funky hat atop her long blonde voluminous curls. Then she wore a structured black jacket over a purely lace mini dress, giving a not-so-modest peek of her black matching brassiere. Slipping on gartered black tights with suspenders and bright red boots to match her red lips for a pop of color. Solbi could be the beautiful sassy witch whom Hansel and Gretel won’t mind running into!

Netizens were impressed by the dreamlike atmosphere of Solbi’s look. How would you make your own K-pop twist to your trick-or-treat wear?

Source: BNT News