Younique’s Henry and Eunhyuks’ Tribal Gear

Henry Eunhyuk Korean Fashion

Henry Eunhyuk Korean Fashion

It’s been a while since SM Entertainment’s dance unit Younique ruled the floor with their debut sound, but their distinct tribal fashion remains cutting edge.

Dancing kings Eunhyuk and Henry of Super Junior fame are two of the hot idols in the Maxstep music video.  Apart from showing off their stellar moves, the boys also wowed with their unique take on the tribal gear trend.

Eunhyuk Korean Fashion

Eunhyuk Korean Fashion

Eunhyuk accessorizes his long neck with a statement piece. The KTZ Masai Leather Necklace featured a full collar in black leather with yellow, blue, maroon and pink tribal print and circular buckle detail, with black metal studs to complete. Wear it over a plain black ensemble and slicked back hair and already you are the star of the show.

Henry Korean Fashion

Henry Korean Fashion

Henry showed no fashion restraint though. The Super Junior M celebrity went all out tribal, starting with a KTZ Church Printed Oversized T-shirt. Black, full sized yet graceful on the body, the shirt featured a stark white church-themed print.

Henry Korean Fashion

Henry Korean Fashion

He paired the already bold shirt with an even bolder piece—a skirt! The brand KTZ spared no look for this collection, coming up with a red tartan print long skirt that wraps around the front. Going past his knees and worn over red knitted leggings, with the shirt and a black fur collar jacket, Henry rocked this winter-themed ensemble. It might have been difficult to dance in though. But it’s a challenge isn’t it?

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SHINee’s Dazzling Denim Fashion for ‘Dazzling Girl’ Music Video

SHINee Korean Fashion

SHINee Korean Fashion

SHINee is one Korean boy band known not only for their hit funky tunes but also their colorful fashion. They first conquered the music scene with their lovely debut, Noona You’re So Pretty. Now the boys are all grown up and are forces to be reckoned with within the J-pop music scene too. Recently, they have released a new Japanese single Dazzling Girl. The matching promotional video showcases both the group’s dazzling beats and dazzling fashion.

SHINee’s Dazzling Girl shows the boys helping a girl with a 360 degree fashion makeover to reflect how love makes her a dazzling girl. One dance sequence has them in varying fashionable takes on denim.

Statuesque Minho puts on a jumpsuit and makes it less downtown mechanic and more sexy chic. The sleeveless full denim outfit starts with a crisp closed collar with scattered black beads on the shoulders, tapers into a slim silhouette.

Belter Jonghyun shows off his muscles in a sleeveless number too, his with an upturned collar and with paneled denim, tied together with a dark denim sash belt.

Leader Onew rocks the layered look with a denim collared shirt cuffed casually at his elbows, the words ‘SHINee Dazzling Girl’ across the front. He wears this open over a white shirt, and then finishes the look with paneled denim shorts over snug striped skinnies.

Taemin looks like hiphop royalty, wearing a jacket with a denim trunk, leather sleeves and a snug gray cotton hood worn unzipped over a pristine white sleeveless shirt. He continues the paneled look with his denim harem pants.

SHINee Korean Fashion

SHINee Korean Fashion

SHINee Korean Fashion

SHINee Korean Fashion

SHINee Korean Fashion

SHINee Korean Fashion

Key continues Onew’s layered look with a take of his own. He takes a loose denim and leather striped shirt and wears it over washed denim shorts over black skinnies. Key takes it one step further with a fax fur accessory dangling from his hip.

SHINee does more dazzling fashion in their music video. Click play below for more tips and inspirations on how to add more Kpop sparkle to your everyday look!

Source: EMI Music Japan

Jung Yonghwa’s Uber-Chic Look In Uniform

Jung Yonghwa Korean Fashion

Jung Yonghwa Korean Fashion

Korean group CNBlue has made its name in the industry with an indie vibe mixed with the right amount of sugar pop. But admittedly the deepest stamp to fan girls’ hearts was the group’s dynamic and playful personalities. Leader Jung Yonghwa is no exception to this, however for a winter pictorial for Singles magazine, he chose to expose his more serious side.

Military service of 2 years is compulsory for every Korean man at the prime of their adulthood and idols are no exception. This is also one of the most anxiety-causing period in a celebrity’s life. What’s a better way to prepare for it than dressing up fashionably to the theme?

Jung Yonghwa does exactly this. He puts aside his sunny prankster personality for a more somber look in Singles magazine, where he oozes a high dosage of chic charisma in this military-themed fashion spread.

In the headliner shot, Yonghwa had his eyes lined with black eye-liner and gives a strong look at the camera. He wears a full body three-button military coat over an iron-crisp white shirt with a navy collar and classic-cut navy tie sporting the number 7. He wears a slim leather belt with a brass five-point star, the belt extending to cross his torso. Yonghwa sits cross-legged, with an embellished military hat on his head and ring on his finger.

Jung Yonghwa Korean Fashion

Jung Yonghwa Korean Fashion

Another picture shows Yonghwa stands in full length in one shot, hair tousled and high, giving a modern take on the classic military man’s suit. Pressed, fully buttoned, and artfully decorated with two medals on his breast pocket, the coat reveals only his high white collar and white cuffs. His dark gray pants taper fluidly down to shiny leather boots.

What is your take on Yonghwa’s sombre military style? See more of him in this concept in the December issue of Singles Magazine.

Source: BNT News

‘Gangnam Style’ Dance Fever On The Rise (강남스타일)

Ever since the famous Korean Pop song ‘Nobody’ by the Wonder Girls became a huge global hit in 2009, there were probably no other Kpop songs that came close to becoming a global sensation. All these are set to change by PSY with his wacky thumping dance video ‘Gangnam Style’ that was first published at 15th July 2012 on YouTube.

PSY’s original name is known as Park Jae Sang (born in December 31, 1977). He is a well-respected Korean hip hop artist cum rapper and is well-known for his satirical humor and entertaining persona, where he impersonates female singers such as Park Ji Yoon and Lee Hyori. An alumni of Boston University and Berklee College of Music, PSY proves that he still have the prowess to create not just a signature piece, but one that takes the world by storm, despite being out of action for the last 2 years.

Gangnam Style’s success is purely out of entertainment value. Perhaps it’s the catchy ‘Op…Op…Op..Oppa’ phrase, the comical horse-riding and cowboy dance moves, the hilarious way that PSY look in the video, or even the wacky title ‘Gangnam Style’ which totally makes no sense. Gangnam is one of the affluent districts in Seoul and is where all the big name offices and commercial buildings are located. ‘Oppa’ is brother in Korean. Just thinking of what ‘Oppa Gangnam style’ means can make you feel silly and laughing in bewilderment.

Anyway, there’s just something about the mish-mash of all these elements that makes the entire video an odd success. Fans of this video include Josh Groban, Robbie William and T-Pain. Pop-opera singer Josh Groban tweeted, “It’s a Gangnam Style world, we’re just living in it. Amazing video.” UK pop star Robbie Williams shared the video with his fans and this liner: “P.S. TRY WATCHING THIS AND NOT SMILING I DARE YOU…(NOT EVEN A LIP CURL).” US rapper T-Pain tweeted: “Words cannot even describe how amazing this video is.” ‘Gangnam Style’ has since gone viral worldwide and has garnered 39 million views in just a short span of less than 2 months.

Enough said, let’s check it out now.

If you are curious like me, here’s how PSY look like without the shades

PSY - Gangnam Style

PSY – Gangnam Style


Numberous versions of ‘Gangnam style’ videos are already sprouting across YouTube like fire, including spoofs and flash mobs. Just do a search and you’ll see many. After all the laughs watching the original video, let’s do a sexy take of ‘Gangnam Style’ by Waveya, which is a group of Korean Female Dancers who are famous for making sexy dance covers of popular Kpop songs. Enjoy the video!

Girl’s Day MTV – Hug Me Once

Girl’s Day (걸스데이) is a 5-member popular girl band in Korea that was started in July 2010.


Sojin :

Birth Name: Park So-Jin
Birthday: May 21, 1986
Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist


Birth Name: Woo Ji-Hae
Birthday: May 14, 1989
Position: Vocalist, Main Rapper


Birth Name: Kim Ah-Young
Birthday: November 6, 1992
Position: Vocalist, Rapper


Birth Name: Bang Min-Ah
Birthday: May 13, 1993
Position: Main Vocalist


Birth Name: Lee Hye-Ri
Birthday: June 9, 1994
Position: Vocalist

(Source: Wikipedia)

Korean Fashion Craze | Korean Culture News

Korean fashion craze had come a long way since Winter Sonata. Like a Tsunami, the whole of Asia was swept away by the Korean wave. Korean culture can be seen mushrooming all across major Asian cities (or maybe US too, Rain had a sold out concert at Madison Square!). Below is an article from a Singapore newspaper about the popularity of Korean Fashion.

Now if you, like many people, can’t tell what is the difference between Korean fashion, Japanese fashion and Hong Kong fashion, you gonna read the article below. Remember, authentic Korean fashion represents quality, so cheap stuff doesn’t mean it’s good stuff and price can never comprise quality. Do ask yourself if you want to get the real stuff or the ‘copied’ stuff next time when you are buying what is deemed as ‘Korean fashion’.

Korean Kraze – After K-pop and K-drama comes K-fashion. A handful of boutiques selling Korean fashion have opened shop.

(Reported In Singapore Newspaper: The Straits Times ‘Urban Magazine’ – 18 Jan 2007)

Angeline Lee’s Lilica shoe boutique may be hidden away on the fourth storey of The Cathay, but skilled shopaholics will know how to sniff it out.

A chandelier swings from the low ceiling while a large plasma TV plays the music videos of South Korean popster Rain. A Victorian-style chaise longue is the centrepiece of the store.

And, oh, don’t forget the shelves of shoes, which cost about SGD100 each.

‘The inspiration for the shop was The Princess Hours,’ says Lee, 24. The hit K-drama plays out in a palace, which boasts decadent interior trimmings not unlike those in her shop.

‘I try to watch every single Korean drama,’ she gushes. ‘I also make it a point to go to the KBS (a Korean TV station) website every day.’

So when Lee, a former travel contract manager, came across Korean shoe brand Lilica – which specialises in handmade shoes – in Seoul early last year, she seized the opportunity to set up a franchise here.

Say ‘annyonghaseyo’ to the Korean pop culture invasion of Singapore. First there were barbecue restaurants and weepy dramas, then a sprinkling of make-up brands appeared. Now, Korean fashion is here.

Notable shops include Myth and Green Petals at Far East Plaza, which sell an assortment of Korean streetwear; Sugar House at Far East Plaza and VivoCity, which stocks up on lovely, empire-line dresses; and Sentiments at Millenia Walk, which even sells the hanbok, Korea’s national dress.

This month, Korean- wannabes can go ga-ga at Square 2, a new 200,000 sq ft mall in Novena that will feature one floor of Korean products.

Out of 20 Korean-themed tenants, 20 to 25 per cent will be fashion boutiques, says Chia Boon Pin, chief operating officer of retail business at Far East Organisation, which runs the premises. Most of the smaller shops are hole-in-the-wall and run by enterprising Singaporeans who, like Lee, were inspired by the ever-growing Korean wave.

Former air stewardess Fiona Tan, 27, shopped so much in Seoul that she discovered her ‘flair for fashion’. She set up Myth two years ago, which imports 60 per cent of its wares from Korea.

To ensure they are getting their pick of the trendiest items, boutique owners make regular buying trips to Korea. So, rather than the mass-produced clothing you get at say, Topshop, you get one-off pieces that you probably wouldn’t find on anyone else.

Adelene Tan, 29, who owns Green Petals, started bringing in Korean fashion in late 2005. She scours the wholesale malls in Dongdaemum in Seoul for pieces to sell here.

Over at Sugarhouse, owner Alvin Ng, 30, works exclusively with factories in Seoul to create his own designs.

But really, what’s the big deal about Korean clothes? And how different are they from, say, Hong Kong fashion?

It’s about the quality, insist retailers.

Says Sentiments’ marketing manager Karen Wong: ‘One thing that sets Korean fashion apart from other Asian fashion is the meticulous detail in the workmanship of textiles as well as the production of its ready- made garments.’

So while Korean designs may be copied by Chinese or Hong Kong manufacturers, ‘feel the material and you should know what you’re paying for’, says Ng.

This is why clothes from Korea are about 10 to 20 per cent more expensive than those made in China or Hong Kong, he adds.

They may also be pricier than Japanese fashion, given the mass appeal of the latter.

Style-wise, Korean fashion is widely seen as more wearable than Japanese fashion, claims Myth’s Tan. Rather than outrageous Harajuku styles, you get clean lines that are more suited to Singaporean tastes.