Romantic And Touching Korean Music Video MTV | Korean Videos

In this post, we feature all the romantic Korean music videos mtv. They might be happy,  sad or touching videos but just get ready a box of tissues just in case you start weeping!

<Kiss (Because I’m A Girl)> MTV/MV

Kim Bum Soo’s <Once Upon A Day> MTV/MV

Lee Sung Gi’s <Hagi Heemdeun Mahl> MTV/MV

Position’s <It Is Enough For Me To Be You In This World> MTV/MV

Baby Vox Music Videos | Korean Videos

Did you know that Yoon Eun Hye once belong to a popular Korean girl band before she got famous from <Goong> or <Princess Hours>?  Baby Vox was the 4-member girl band that Yoon Eun Hye belonged to. If you are Yoon Eun Hye’s fans, you will surely love to see her and the rest of the pretty and sexy band members sing and dance in these Korean music videos.

Baby Vox Music Video – Wish

Baby Vox – Doll

Baby Vox – Oo Yun (World Cup Version)

Korean Fashion – Korean Hanbok Fashion | Korean Videos

The Korean hanbok had been made popular from well-known Korean drama serial like Daejanggeum and Hwang Jin yi. Here’s some videos show the beautiful Korean hanbok korean fashion.

Miss Korea 2009 competiton – Korean traditional Hanbok parade segment.

Gasibeosi Hanbok Fashion Show – Part 1

Gasibeosi Hanbok Fashion Show – Part 2

Gasibeosi Hanbok Fashion Show – Part 3

Korean Fashion 2009 | Korean Videos

Can’t get enough of Korean fashion? Here’s a list of video showing lot of trendy Korean fashion clothing for 2009. With these videos, you can get your inspiration for your next outfit, so get adventurous and create a new look today!

Korean Fashion 2009 | Korea Fashion 2009

Korean Fashion 2009 | Korea Fashion 2009

Korean Fashion 2009 | Korea Fashion 2009

Korean Fashion Designer Andre Kim’s Fashion Videos | Korean Videos

Famous Korean fashion designer Andre Kim is well-known for his grand and elaborate clothing design. Even his fashion shows are grand affairs and he always invite famous Korean male and female celebrities to be his catwalk models for every season.

Korean fashion designer Andre Kim’s fashion show in Wuxi, China.

Choi Ji Woo’s and Won Bin’s debut in Andre Kim fashion show in 2007

Andre Kim 2009 Fashion Show – Fashion Fantasia – in Bangkok

Andre Kim 2009 Fashion Show at Bangkok, featuring Lee Jun Ki

Korean Fashion Spring/Summer Videos | Korean Videos

Korean Fashion Doho Spring/Summer 2008 Collection

Korean Fashion Summer Street Fashion

Korean Fashion Busan Spring/Summer Fashion Show