New Hallyu Trend – Face Masks and Airport Fashion

In this modern world where we always strive for perfection, there’s just flaws that we can’t change, thus we try cover them up.

But what these kpop stars do, who are already so close to perfect, doesn’t really succeed in covering up, instead they just shine more under those covers.

Now let’s check out some of these Hallyu stars and their airport fashion, which include covering half of their faces with cool face masks.

Here are some celebs who still look as stunning and beautiful, despite hiding behind the covers of their faces.

1. Mark Tuan (GOT7)

Mark Tuan (GOT7)

We just can’t deny that Mark is the face of GOT7. In his black leather jacket and beanie that pairs with his half covered face, his eyes most definitely still shines bright giving off his radiant beauty to the world.

No matter how hard he might try, there’s just no cover up that can hide his beauty.

2. Krystal Jung (f(x))

Krystal Jung (f(x))

Simplicity is truly a beauty for this Kpop star. With just a white shirt, jeans, jacket on one arm and a sling bag on the other, even though her face is half covered with a mask, I can still say she’s a head turner. Indeed hiding her beauty only shows it more.

3. Song Mino (Winner)

Song Mino (Winner)

A printed face mask can surely add a point to his airport fashion. Song Mino wearing a white shirt under his denim jacket and leather vest with a snap back on his head as his airport fashion. On top of those layers, his eye smile never loses its beauty.

4. CL (2ne1)

CL (2ne1)

Now this lady is definitely a fashion goddess, thus her airport fashion never disappoints. She’s wearing a black top under a while button up shirt, cut out pants, back shoes, a purse with her shades and face mask that goes with all of that. She might really be almost totally covered, but we can’t deny that her fashion sense is superior!

5. Park Chanyeol (EXO)

Park Chanyeol (EXO)

Now this one’s definitely a cutie. Chanyeol rocks his airport fashion with a bear mouth printed face mask. With his cupid-like curly hair, it is no doubt this bear mouth printed face mask would get all the attention in the airport. How can a bear look so cute?

6. Park Bom (2ne1)

Park Bom (2ne1)

Winter is a season where you should definitely protect yourself from the impending threats of colds and other diseases. Thus, Park Bom and her airport fashion is totally prepared for that. Wearing a beige trench coat, jeans, a pair of black pumps and a mask to shoo off unwanted sickness, Park Bom’s airport fashion is definitely something you want to try wearing as well.

There are a lot of reasons why these stars try to cover their faces. It might be because they are protecting their voices from the impending threat of cough and sore throat. Maybe because they lack make up, or don’t want to inhale anything that might risk their health; we don’t really know.

Well, even as they are concealed, they still look as bright and gorgeous!