Black Friday Shoe Specials At Macy’s

Black Friday is here! For every savvy online shopper, black Friday is THE sale that shouldn’t be missed, because its the time where you can stock up on necessities, Christmas gifts and your other desires at a bargain. If you are looking for that special deal and amazing promos, Macy’s might just be worth the place to stop by. We popped over to the shoes section to have a look and immediately fell in love with some of these bargains here:

1) Off-white boots

These are great for creating a chic monochrome fall look. Off-white is not a strong color like pure white and they are easier to match. Simply layer a black cardigan or black V-neck sweater over a crisp white shirt, preferably leaving the cuffs uncovered, then wear a black skirt knee-length pencil skirt with black leggings and slip into a pair of off-white boots as such. The focus here is on the boots, so you will need to wear mostly black clothing to balance it out. The white shirt plays a supporting role and helps to make you look less dull. Voila! You’ve just nailed the look.

2) Glam Shoes For Christmas

What’s a better time than now to shop for a new pair of glam shoes for the upcoming Christmas party? This pair of peep-toe rhine-stones studded black booties might add that touch of bling that you need. It goes with a lot of outfits, such as dark blue/black skinny jeans worn with glam gold flowy tops, or a short dark purple mini dress. The trick here is to choose a bolder and brighter color outfit (think navy blue, red, silver or shimmery tops). Unless you are in for that all-black look, you do not want to look dull for Christmas. Remember to paint your toe-nails before you wear them!

3) Nude Pumps With Golden Toe Caps

These are gorgeous beyond words! Nude pumps are the in thing now and is fast becoming a necessity item every woman should have. Reason being it works fantastically in helping you to elongate your legs and giving the illusion of added height to your frame. The gold toe-caps add a bit of glam factor to the shoes, and with the interesting little zips on it, they stand out from the rest. They are so easy to match and practically go well anything. Wear them with your shift dresses, pencil skirts, below-knee or knee-length flowy skirts. You can also be adventurous in wearing bright colors or prints with it. Just don’t wear nude color clothes or clothing with color close to your skin tone, otherwise it will make you sallow and plain ‘nude’.


4) Classic Hounds-tooth Slingbacks

Hounds-tooth is a classic and evergreen design. Many designers like to use them (e.g. Chanel) and they never go out of style. Every woman should own a hounds-tooth item – scarf, pants, dress or shoes like the one below. They are very appropriate for work and might just help to boost your career by giving you a polished look. To be safe, you can wear them with black pencil skirts, black pants or white skirts and pants. Earth tones like grey or dark brown will go well with it too. The only thing you want to avoid when wearing hounds-tooth shoes is prints. If worn incorrectly, the prints on your outfit might clash with the hounds tooth prints, which can easily result in a cluttered and confusing image that can be detrimental to your career.

For more  bargain items, be sure to check out the annual Macy’s Black Friday holiday Sale. Its now on!