How To Straighten Your Hair | Asian Hair

The popularity of hair straightening has caused an increase in the sales of asian hair straightening products. So what are the methods we can take to achieve straight hair? What are the hair straightening products available in the market and how much do they cost? What will make our hair turn into beautiful, shiny and shimmering straight hair?

There are three factors to consider when determining what asian hair straightening method will be suitable for your hair. First of all, is the condition of your hair. Wavy hair will be easier and less expensive to straighten than curly hair.  The next thing to consider is how long you want the hair straightening effect to last. Some hair straightening treatment last for more than 6 months and some less than 3 months. The final factor to consider is maintenance of your hair. Some hair straightening treatment require maintenance like blow drying straight  every day, while others require little to no work.

The most expensive and also most lasting method is to go for hair straightening at a hair salon. Hair stylists use professional hair straightening chemicals that can almost permanently straighten your hair that can normally last for 6 months or more. Rather than using a do-it-yourself kit, it pays to find professional help to do it. They can evaluate how strong the hair straightening chemical need to be used based on your asian hair condition and yet will not damage your hair. This method usually requires minimal maintenance, but it be difficult to experiment with different hair styles. Another thing to take note is that the better the condition of your hair or the healthier your hair is, the better the hair straightening chemicals can be absorbed into your hair and thus make the hair straightening effect last longer.

The most popular tool to achieve straight asian hair is using a hair straightening iron. There are many straightening flat hair irons of different prices and types. It is recommended to use a ceramic flat hair iron as they have better temperature control and is smoother to use than a metal iron. The downfall of using a flat hair iron is that the hair straightening effect is temporary and only last until the next washing of your hair. Be sure to avoid chemical treatments on your hair when using a flat hair iron to avoid hair damage and get regular trims to eliminate split ends.