Jazz Up Your Winter Wear With These Pretty Tights and Leggings

Want to know what’s a better way to play up your winter fashion this year? With tights and leggings of course!

Winter is the best season to experiment with tights and leggings, not only do they give you a slimmer silhouette to balance out the bulky jackets and sweaters, they also come in interesting styles that you can easily create many different looks from. From the lacy ones to pop colors types and wild python designs that are made in material of every kind, there is really no lack of choices.

Every woman can certainly find the right type that suits their style, taste and personality.

If you find the terms ‘tights’ and ‘leggings’ confusing, here’s how to differentiate them:

– Tights are generally thinner than leggings, due to the thinner material used.

– Tights are not meant to be worn alone, but are best-matched with a short skirt or mini-dress and paired off with boots or pumps (think stockings).

– Leggings, on the other hand, can be worn alone as a bottom due to their thicker material, and can be matched with a long flowy tunic top or tight-fitted tank tops for those slim enough to carry off.

– Tights cover up the entire feet all the way up to the waist, whereas leggings usually end at the ankles or at the calves/knees for a capri look.

Depending on the type of winter, you can wear both tights or leggings in temperatures above 10 degree Celsius, anything below this temperature will probably need leggings because tights will be too thin to keep your legs warm.

That said, visual examples are the best way to understand what these all mean. HUE, the hosiery specialist, is just the right place to start shopping for your right tights and leggings of high quality. Here are some of our top picks from HUE.



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