How Do I Get Rid Of My Acne Problem!!

Like a good many people I have been the victim of acne vulgaris (what a suitable name for this type of vulgar disease) the medical term for pimples.

My acne problem has made me aggravated, made me cry, and made me angry. Thousands of people each year experience an acne problem, and their acne problem makes recluses out of so many teenagers as well as adults.

Your acne problem is caused as soon as your pores get clogged and the fatty material created by the sebaceous gland accumulates, and a “bump” appears under the skin-or perhaps a whitehead or perhaps a blackhead (a how to treat acne).

Blackheads are not due to dirt but by the discoloring effect of air on the fatty material in the clogged pore. If this substance becomes infected a pimple results.

That’s the medical explanation for pimples but what folks actually want to know is “How do i get rid of my acne problem!? “

As anyone can inform you the worst move to make is always to push or “pop” a pimple. Because this will not only cause your acne problem to worsen, but may result in long term scars.

No matter what you see on TV or in movies and no matter what anyone in your family or what any friend lets you know, DON’T pop that pimple.

I speak from personal experience, my acne problem was so bad I couldn’t stand it and so i popped pimples wanting to be proactive in removing them.

This is the wrong method to try doing something to rid yourself of one’s acne problem. I am still spending money on carrying it out by the scars that stick to my face.

The proper way is a simple trick I learned that lessons acne dramatically:

Steam your face during the night over a warm bowl of water for 20 minutes before retiring to bed (this would be after washing your face thoroughly with a gentle cleanser like Olay’s or Neutragena’s facial cloths)

And then massage one half a teaspoon of castor oil onto your face for around 1 minute, until that person is simply lightly shiny.

This will help keep your pores open and steer clear of new pimples from forming (the steaming opens pores and helps get rid of old pimples).

Each day you should wash that person again immediately after waking and steam face again for 20 more minutes.

After steaming see your face each day splash that person with cold water and dry off.

Do this consistently every night and morning for optimal results in clearing your acne problem.

Now that you are armed with this information put it to use tonight watching the improvement as your acne problem fades along with your skin begins to glow after just a short period of time.