Weird Questions That An Interviewee Will Get During A Job Interview In Korea | Korean Culture News

“What does Chinese idiom ‘????’ (3 in the morning, 4 in the evening) means?”, “What does ‘Kill 115145425’ mean?”, and “How much do the Chinese restaurants in Seoul make per day?”

Ridiculous? These are some of the weird questions popping out from interviewers of some big companies in Korea recently, such as Samsung, LG Electronics, SK and Kia Motors, etc. These ‘Zen’ type of questions will turn even the most confident interviewees into cold sweat.

An employment website in Korea had listed the possible interview questions and answers from big companies of the world today. From the answers gathered, we can see what these companies are really asking for – creativity, sensitivity and logical thinking skills.

“What does ‘zhao san mu si’ mean in modern times?” ‘Zhao san mu si’ originally meant to use tricks to trick people. To the people in the enterprise, it means that no matter what task you undertake, you must make sure what the other parties’ motives are and to predict what will happen in the end. That is how businesses work today.

“Kill11514542” seems like a code but what does it mean? It actually means nothing except to test the response of the interviewee. You can reply it in any way you want, for instance you can say, “It’s the title of a movie in the making, perhaps the making of ‘Kill Bill 2 ’?”

As for the turnover for Chinese restaurants in Seoul per day, you can answer by doing a calculation and analysis. Suppose 7.5 million bowls of noodles are sold in Korea per day and that these noodles stands for 40% of the Chinese restaurants’ sales, then approximately 18 million to 19 million bowls of noodles are sold per day. Considering the fact that one quarter of the population of Korea resides in Seoul, the answer to the question would be approximately 4.7 million bowls are sold per day in Chinese restaurants in Seoul.

Now, here’s an even more interesting question. When you are faced with this “If your partner and your best friend were caught in an affair, who will you choose?” Your best bet will be, “neither, but I will forgive them both” and then further explain with this, “Not choosing either one because they had lost my trust but forgiving means harmony and graciousness, these are key elements to a better future for the company, there is no point harboring resentment or plotting revenge strategies to get even, as this will only bring harm to the company. ” That would definitely leave a good impression.

So, what would your answers be if you were the interviewee? One thing’s for sure though, there are no correct answers.