9 Lovely Butterfly Things That We Love

Butterflies tend to be associated with gracefulness, elegance, beauty, feminism, charm and gentleness. Today we’ll show you 9 butterfly items that you can integrate into life to bring on that lovely touch of feminism!

1. White Butterfly Dress

Enhance your charm in the workplace or during a date with this gorgeous white lace dress with beautiful and colorful butterfly prints.



2. Butterfly Shirt Dress

If lacy and too feminine stuff is not for you, why not consider this butterfly white shirt dress? The embossed butterflies add a slight feminine touch to the otherwise boring and manly shirt. Wearing a slim black or brown belt at the waist will help you look more polished for work.



3. Butterfly crystal earrings

Sometimes the easiest way to inject some butterflies into your daily life is to wear butterfly accessories, like this dainty and beautiful pair of green butterfly earrings!


4. Butterfly Necklace

If dainty butterfly earrings are not your cup of tea, why not go for a bolder and more eye-catching accessory, like this pretty and colorful enamel butterfly statement necklace? This necklace will instantly jazz up any plain and boring tops.




5. Butterfly Watch

If you are those type that like grungy and funky style, this cool butterfly bracelet watch is an excellent choice to create more ‘Oomph’ to your style! Wrapping the double black strap around the wrist gives a ‘rocker’ feel, yet looking glam at the same time because of the big and sparkling butterfly that is attached to the watch. Talking about glam rock!



6. Butterfly Nails

And if you feeling even more adventurous, why not go for these cool butterfly nail accessories? No need for time consuming gellish manicures, simply put these nail rings on and you are good to go, plus they look super trendy!



7. Butterfly Tattoo

If you want to push the boundaries even more, this gorgeous stick-on butterfly back tattoo will be a fantastic choice! This goes extremely well with a tube top/dress, or a long flowy maxi dress with spaghetti straps. When everyone else is just wearing the usual accessories and jewelry, you can steal the limelight in a party by showing up with a statement tattoo.



8. Butterfly wall stickers

If butterfly fashion is not your kind of thing. You still can enjoy them in your house. These lovely removable white butterfly wall stickers are a great way to turn your boring wall into a tasteful one with butterfly details.



9. Butterfly Decoration Props

These are butterfly magnets or stick-ons often used as props in a wedding shoot backdrop or decorations in a wedding hall. You can also use it in your home or backyard as an interesting decoration. Stick in on the walls, on your fridge, the windows, balcony, garden etc, and people might just think that you have a real butterfly at home!