Go Crazy with Ankle Booties

There’s always a great shoe for every girl. Size and shape doesn’t matter- all you need is a fabulous pair of shoes to complement any outfit. One of the modern staples every woman should have in her shoe collection are ankle booties or more commonly known as ankle boots.

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Ankle boots are perfect for cool weather, say, spring time or autumn. These cowboy inspired fashion statements are just that- attention seeking pieces that make an outfit a little rugged. But like every fashion item, there are rules to follow that will make these babies enhance or even make a statement on how you look. ¬†Here’s a run-down.


Ankle boots are boots cut up to the ankle bone. Some fashion houses design them with wedge heels; others prefer to give them stiletto heels. Some styles can be folded to shorten the length. Others have details such as ribbons and metallic studs. Bold, metallic zippers are common multi-functional accessories that make putting the shoes on and taking them off easy. Another way of doing this is by using lace-ups. Most of the time, they are either made of suede or leather which makes them warm and comfortable enough to wear in cold weather.

How to wear Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are fairly easy to style with. As they are an accessory on their own, you need an outfit that shows them off. These boots are made to be worn with slender bottoms, so you’d do the designers a favor by showing them off with a pair of skinny jeans, leggings, or tights. Contrasting colors work, or simply a hue that brings out the shade of the shoe.

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One thing you should also keep in mind is that ankle boots emphasize the ankles, so it’s best worn with those who have slender calves and ankles. This is because it cuts off a visual chunk of your legs. If they’re on the chubby side, you’d have a difficult time making them look slender. For those on the curvier side, a longer length would suit you better.

You can also wear these pretty little booties with dresses- just make sure that they are the proper length. The ideal length for this type of boots ranges from mini to 2 inches above the knee. Any longer and the hemline would shorten your legs visually. The nice thing about wearing them with dresses is that they make your legs look longer while keeping your feet warm.

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Ankle boots are something that will dress up any outfit immediately. In fact, it has been a popular go-to shoe that fashion-savvy women pair with skinnies and dresses. With the many designs out there, ankle booties are most definitely a mainstay in fashion. They’re adorable and petite, but they pack a big punch when it comes to styling an entire wardrobe.