Top 5 Tips in Managing Curly Hair | Asian Hair And Beauty

Charming big hair curls and playful small hair curls are prevalent in the fashion industry, with the entire asian hair trend moving towards a “Fun with Curliness” hair culture. Curls in hair give a luxurious beautiful look but at the same time are difficult to maintain. Unruly curls leaves many  women stressed and frustrated causing them to give up on going for permed or curly hair. However, it isn’t as hard as one might imagine in keeping  permed or curly hair in line.

1. Washing oily hair more often

If your hair tends to be oily, your curls will lay limp on your scalp, making the originally airy texture look shapeless. To add volume and texture to your curls, the easiest way is to increase the number of times you wash your hair. In this way, oil secretion can be reduced allowing your asian hair to remain bouncy.

2. Handy DIY curls maintenance method

This is a curling method which will not damage your hair and is more suitable for dry hair. When your hair is 70% – 80% dry, divide your hair to about 1cm to 3cm width and then evenly roll your curls. Use hairpins to fix your hair in place and spray on styling products. Let down your hair after it has dried completely.

3. Hair care solution which contains almond oil

Hair care solution which has high nutrients content is most suitable for dry asian hair with spilt ends after a perm. Hair specialists recommends the use of hair care solution which contains almond oil as it will increase the strength of hair stands and allow it to be healthier. This is because essence of almond oil is more easily absorbed into damaged hair strands and repairs your hair from within, allowing your hair to undergo speedy recovery!

4. Hair dryer which does not damage curly hair

When using a hair dryer, it is vital to blow in the direction from the hair root to the ends of your hair. If not, your hair cuticles will be blown in the wrong direction, causing your hair strand to be damaged. In addition, your hair dryer should also follow the movement of your comb in order to produce glossy beautiful asian hair which will not go out of shape easily.

5. Effective styling products

In styling curly hair, most people would opt for hair gel. Hair gel causes hair to have a flat look and hence is more suitable for people with thick hair. When applying gel, rub it gently into your hair in an upward pattern as rubbing it downwards would cause your curls to be pulled straight, damaging your locks. It is advisable to apply gel when your hair is 70% to 80% dry. If your hair is thinner, mousse, wax and foam wax are recommended as these styling products have a lighter texture and will not alter the curliness of your hair. When choosing gel products, do opt for products which can be applied by hand. This application method is more even and can increase bounciness of your asian hair and its styling power.