Spring Street Trends in Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the most unconventional fashion hotspots in the globe today. One reason is because the people aren’t afraid of being unique, donning clothing that sets them apart from the masses as well as the fashion posse of their European and American counterparts. Take a look at how some Japanese ladies use clothing to emphasize their quirky character.

If you’re going for that eclectic look, accessories and a mix and match of patterns and colors will suit you well. There is no such thing as going overboard when it comes to patterns.

Animal print and fur is also a big thing in accessories. Faux fur adds to the charm of this item. Look at how these ladies used it to accent their outfits. Take note that spring in Tokyo is still such a cold season, and faux fur serves the dual purpose of being stylish as well as warm.


Simplistic and minimalist fashion is also one trend to look out for when you’re in the streets of Tokyo. They may be simple, but they are also eye-catching. Notice that this kind of dressing gives a very feminine feel to an outfit. So if you are feeling like going all girly, here are some inspirations for you.

Lastly, androgynous ensembles are also big hits in the streets of Tokyo. Pants and tops are loose, and this emphasizes the tiny and delicate frame of the wearer. Patterns are mixed and matched to give it a rugged, laid-back feel and hats are worn both to keep the hair off the face as well as to put an accent on the whole wardrobe.

How do you find these street styles and trends? Do they work for you or do you  simply want to try them out just for fun? Let us know in the comments section below.