New Fashion Stockings and Leggings Trend For 2012 | Asian Fashion

No doubt black stockings/leggings are timeless items to have in your wardrobe, it can be pretty boring to just stick to this only. Its time to spruce things up by trying new stocking trend as endorsed by these Asian celebrities. Think pop colors, prints, contrasting colors…you name it.

Asian Fashion Trends - Stockings
Asian Fashion Trends – Stockings

1) For the attention seekers:

Try wearing stocking on only one leg (or wear nude on the other leg), or different colored stocking on each leg and be guaranteed with the attention from others. The safe rule of thumb here is to not to have more than 3 colors at any one-time, which include your clothes, accessories and shoes (as shown in the first 3 pictures). The look in the last picture is not for everyone and can be really hard to pull off. Unless you have great talent in color coordination and have a superb fashion sense (plus a good dose of guts!), its best to stay away from attempting the last look.

Asian Fashion Trend - Stockings
Asian Fashion Trend – Stockings

2) For the adventurous souls:

If you are feeling adventurous, try going for bright stockings like neon pink, bright green or red stockings. For those who are least adventurous but still want something different, try wearing more muted colored stockings like white, dark purple or dark navy blue etc. As usual, no more than 3 colors at one time and make sure that you have something of the same color shade as your stockings, such as color of your top/skirt, color of your scarf, accessory etc.

Asian Fashion Trend - Stockings
Asian Fashion Trend – Stockings

3) For the unique seeking:

This look is for almost anyone who wants something different but not overly attention seeking and doesn’t require lots of courage. Invest in unique black lace/nude stockings that are adorned with prints like polka dots, stars, lines or even those that create illusion (like wearing high boots as shown in picture #3). For best effect, pair these stockings with a short/mini skirts or shorts.