A-Line Dresses for All Occasions

When it comes to dresses, A-lines are the easiest to pull off. Not only are they forgiving and flattering to any body shape and size, but they are also the most versatile shape.

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The shape became widely popular because of the French couture designer Yves Saint Laurent. In 1955, he released a collection named Trapeze Line which popularized a different take on Christian Dior’s most wanted silhouette in Paris. The silhouette was largely popular in the 1950’s to the 1970’s but gradually disappeared from the fashion scene in the 1980’s. It had a welcome comeback thanks to the dominant retro theme of the 1990’s which celebrated the popular styles of the swinging sixties.

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How do you differentiate A-line dresses from other styles? Simple. The trick is to look at the shape of the clothing. An authentic A-line is tapered at the top, with fitted shoulders and cinced waist for dresses and skirts. The bottom half of the skirt or dress (that below the waist) then spreads out to an A shape. For coats, A-lines have small shoulders leading to a full body. A-Lines have no pleats; otherwise, they to be categorized as full skirts. This shape can be worn as mini skirts, knee lengths, tea-lengths, or full dresses. It is also a popular shape for gowns such as wedding and prom dresses.

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A-line dresses are a popular choice for formal wear for children. They are age-appropriate without being too conservative. For adults, this style of dresses are the choice for those who want an hourglass figure. The reason is that the cinched waist and flared bottom gives off a silhouette similar to an hourglass figure which women crave for.

This shape is compatible for any type of occasion as well. For casual days at the park or doing errands, dresses like this may be worn with ballet flats, flip flops, or gladiator sandals. For semi-formal and smart casual occasions, they can be in more luxurious fabrics such as silk, wool, or satin. They can be paired with wedges or peep-toe heels. For ultra formal events such as weddings, these are best worn at lengths below the knee or to the floor and paired with stilettos or pumps.

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It’s easy to see why A-line dresses have a huge following. Many people coming from different backgrounds and professions find this style and silhouette to be appropriate for all ages and all occasions.

From its stellar beginnings as a brainchild of two of the most well-known luxury fashion houses, it has journeyed through time to become one of the most iconic and memorable style of clothing. In fact, its resurgence is enough proof that it is going to be in the fashion scene for the longest time possible.

It is one of the few styles and shapes that boast a good reputation for being classy, timeless, and sexy at the same time. To be sure, with the creativity of young designers in the fashion industry today, we will be seeing more and more of the A-line dress in various styles.