Cute hairstyles for guys that will make the girls swoon | Asian Hair

One of the popular asian guy hairstyles, especially with the youth, is those long, layered and wispy hair that sometimes look kind of anime-like. Usage of hair spray or hair wax is a must for styling these hairstyles. They are often seen on popular asian celebrities like boyband Fahrenheit, Jay chou and other asian male actors seen in Taiwanese/Japanese/Korean drama. The surprising thing is that with these hairstyles, a plain looking guy can get transformed into one that attract gals if they know how to style it. Enjoy the pics below… :)


Trendy Asian Male Hairstyles For 2008 | Asian Hair

2008 is nearing an end, so let’s recount the asian hair fashion trends for this year. Guys, if changing your image or hairstyles is your 2008 resolution and you have yet to do so, its still not too late. Pick one look from any of these pictures below and start experimenting with a new look to welcome the new year!