Gorgeous Italian Silk Scarves

Scarves are great accessories that can help to up the elegant factor – think Audrey Hepburn! That’s right, not only are they great as a head accessory, they can also look great on your neck, on your hips or even as a top, if worn correctly. Its a versatile accessory that you can wear to work or play, and did I also mention that you can accessorize your bag with a scarf tied at the bag handles?

Scarves go well with bags. In fact, the logic on bags applies to scarves. Women usually place more emphasis on the quality of their bags more than their clothes. That’s the reason why we go after designer bags because they give us better mileage, so the same goes for scarves. If price is not an issue and you are really after an elegant look, it pays to invest in a piece of fine quality 100% silk scarf with classic designs.

Pitsart’s scarves, made of 100% pure Italian silk, might just be it. They are not made in Milan, but in a lesser known area to people outside the fashion industry – the Lake Como district. It is a place famed for not just their breath-taking scenery, but also their fine and luxury silk production.

Lake Como

Lake Como (Image Courtesy: Glo-con)

And here’s some of the gorgeous creations from Pitsart’s studio:

Pitsart Silk Scarves Italy

Pitsart Italian Silk ScarvesPitsart Italian Silk Scarves

Pitsart Italian Silk Scarves

Pitsart Silk Scarves Italy

Pitsart Italian Silk Scarves

Pitsart Silk Scarves Italy

Pitsart Italian Silk Scarves     Pitsart Italian Silk Scarves

Pitsarts specialize in designing and creating fine scarves for both men and women and they come in several sizes – pocket size 30cm x 30cm, wrap size 30 cm x 150 cm, square size 70cm x 70cm and even up to larger sizes like 90cm x 90cm or 140cm x 140cm.

Learn more about Pitsart or contact Maurizio at info (add) pitsart.it to enquire about prices and wholesale orders.

(Images Courtesy: Pitsart)