BoA and SHINee’s Taemin Voting In Fashion

BoA Korean Fashion

The month of December marked not only winter and Christmas season in Korea, it was also an important time to exercise their voting rights as a … [Continue reading]

Younique’s Henry and Eunhyuks’ Tribal Gear

Henry Korean Fashion

It’s been a while since SM Entertainment’s dance unit Younique ruled the floor with their debut sound, but their distinct tribal fashion remains … [Continue reading]

Big Bang Gets ‘Best Band Style of 2012’ Recognition From MTV Style

Big Bang Korean Fashion

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SHINee Key’s Colorful Fashion at Seoul Fashion Week

Key Korean Fashion

Seoul Fashion Week tend to attract the most fashionable and chic-looking celebrities in Korea. SHINee’s Key is known for his colorful and daring … [Continue reading]

SHINee’s Dazzling Denim Fashion for ‘Dazzling Girl’ Music Video

SHINee Korean Fashion

SHINee is one Korean boy band known not only for their hit funky tunes but also their colorful fashion. They first conquered the music scene with … [Continue reading]

Jung Yonghwa’s Uber-Chic Look In Uniform

Jung Yonghwa Korean Fashion

Korean group CNBlue has made its name in the industry with an indie vibe mixed with the right amount of sugar pop. But admittedly the deepest stamp to … [Continue reading]

So Ji Sub is a Homme Fatale

So Jisub Korean Fashion

Some say a man is sexiest when he is in a suit. Some say a dangerous man is the most attractive of all. What happens though when actor So Ji Sub … [Continue reading]

Jazz Up Your Winter Wear With These Pretty Tights and Leggings

HUE Black Lace Foral Tights

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Won Bin, Jang Hyuk and Yoochun Step Out In Stylish Winter Fashion

Jang Hyuk Korean Fashion

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Tiffany on the Rocks: Her Jewellery Style

Tiffany Korean Fashion

The girls of Girl’s Generation sparkle even in their casual looks outside studios and in airports, and definitely even more so when they pumped up the … [Continue reading]