Lee Minjung Makes Sportswear Look Pretty

Lee Min Jung Korean Fashion

Lee Min Jung Korean Fashion

Actress and model Lee Minjung is blooming in a fan sign event for Kolon Sports

On August 25th, popular celebrity Lee Minjung held a fan signing event for outdoor brand Kolon Sport’s grand opening at Seoul’s Lotte department store. Fans of the actress flocked the store to meet and greet her and to admire the brand’s clothing selections, though only 50 lucky people were invited to the event.

As celebrity endorser of Kolon Sports, Minjung wore a black hooded sports coat with belt, its shiny rumpled finish showing an interesting contrast to her black dress with white buttons and pleated skirt. She finished the look with black knee high socks and her short hair up in an easy ponytail, showing off a posh outdoor vibe. Pictures also show the actress trying on a bright red jacket with fur trimmed hood.

Unedited photos of Minjung flocked online communities, showing the actress smiling brightly and fulfilling complete fan service to attendees. Fans commented on her bright personality and flawless skin.

An online blog posted pictures of the event with the caption, “I saw Lee Min Jung in person at a fan signing event at a department store.” Netizens posted raving comments, “She’s getting more beautiful since she’s been dating [Lee Byunghun],” “She’s a goddess, there’s no one as beautiful as her,” “The photo is not edited and she looks stunning!”

Source: Nate.com