Jung Yonghwa’s Uber-Chic Look In Uniform

Jung Yonghwa Korean Fashion

Jung Yonghwa Korean Fashion

Korean group CNBlue has made its name in the industry with an indie vibe mixed with the right amount of sugar pop. But admittedly the deepest stamp to fan girls’ hearts was the group’s dynamic and playful personalities. Leader Jung Yonghwa is no exception to this, however for a winter pictorial for Singles magazine, he chose to expose his more serious side.

Military service of 2 years is compulsory for every Korean man at the prime of their adulthood and idols are no exception. This is also one of the most anxiety-causing period in a celebrity’s life. What’s a better way to prepare for it than dressing up fashionably to the theme?

Jung Yonghwa does exactly this. He puts aside his sunny prankster personality for a more somber look in Singles magazine, where he oozes a high dosage of chic charisma in this military-themed fashion spread.

In the headliner shot, Yonghwa had his eyes lined with black eye-liner and gives a strong look at the camera. He wears a full body three-button military coat over an iron-crisp white shirt with a navy collar and classic-cut navy tie sporting the number 7. He wears a slim leather belt with a brass five-point star, the belt extending to cross his torso. Yonghwa sits cross-legged, with an embellished military hat on his head and ring on his finger.

Jung Yonghwa Korean Fashion

Jung Yonghwa Korean Fashion

Another picture shows Yonghwa stands in full length in one shot, hair tousled and high, giving a modern take on the classic military man’s suit. Pressed, fully buttoned, and artfully decorated with two medals on his breast pocket, the coat reveals only his high white collar and white cuffs. His dark gray pants taper fluidly down to shiny leather boots.

What is your take on Yonghwa’s sombre military style? See more of him in this concept in the December issue of Singles Magazine.

Source: BNT News

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