Fimo Nail Art Canes

Here’s a post for all the ladies who are into nail art. The fimo nail art is the latest trend to hit the manicure and nail art industry. Fimo is a form of polymer clay made by German company ‘Staedtler’. Being a soft material, they are very versatile and can be used to make sculptures, beads and canes.

The fimo nail art canes are the latest nail art decorations to hit the market and they look like these below.

Fimo Nail Art Canes

Fimo Nail Art Canes

They look so colorful and yummy that we could eat them as candies! This is precisely why they are so popular because not only are they pretty and cute, they are also easy to use, perfect for beginners trying out nail art for the first time. If you suck at drawing on your nails, then these are the great alternatives to decorating your nails besides the usual stickers and beads.

All you need to do is to slice the cane in thin slices and stick them on top of your painted nails, then coat a layer of transparent nail varnish over to secure them. You can also add your own drawing to make your nails look more picture perfect. Words ain’t enough, so here’s some videos to show you how to use them and how they look like in real.

Here’s a video on how to store your fimo:

With these fimo nail art, you can easily experiment with different looks or let your imagination run wild by creating new works of art!

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